Vertical Concrete Training Class at Moon Decorative Concrete


Learn the many and diverse uses of Moon Decorative’s Vertical Concrete Mix in this 2-day Vertical Concrete Training class! You can make walls, boulders, trees, benches, tables and even grottos — anything your mind and heart can imagine.

Alongside an experienced teacher, you’ll learn how to prep, reinforce, apply, stamp, carve, and color vertical concrete. You will explore vertical stamping and hand carving to create natural and realistic looking boulders and kitchen facades. The hands-on experience will give you the confidence to try these techniques anywhere your creativity takes you. Lunch included both days.

Date:  June 14th & 15th, 2018

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm both days.
Cost: $100.00


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The Stamp Store to Moon Decorative

The Stamp Store’s next evolution:

Moon Decorative Concrete

Over the past 23 years, the Stamp Store has established itself as an Oklahoma City mainstay—a place known for excellent customer service and knowledge in the decorative concrete industry. The founder of the Stamp Store, Doug Bannister, developed the company’s pioneering technologies and iconic status in the business of concrete. CEO Jeff Schulhoff comments, “We were impressed with that, but I think we were equally impressed with the team that surrounded him.” The professional staff of the Stamp Store certainly functions as a cohesive unit, while continually learning and teaching as new techniques and tools in the industry evolve. stromectol for head lice does it work

The Stamp Store’s commitment to expert education and customer service has proven to be a unique offering to the community and was the vision on which the Stamp Store was founded in 1995. The SS Specialties product line was also created to improve upon the industry standards. what drugs interact with ivermectin? Contractors and customers came (and still come) from all over the Unites States to learn decorative concrete techniques and application for their own business and homes.

In May 2016, Moon Chemical Products acquired the Stamp Store. As the company continued on its journey of growth, the Stamp Store took its next step in further grounding itself in the decorative concrete industry—embracing a more recognizable name. In January 2018, the Stamp Store became Moon Decorative Concrete. guinea pig too much ivermectin

Staying true to the company’s initial focus, Moon Decorative Concrete is committed to maintaining our current trusted product line while researching and developing new products and continuing to educate our staff and customers. Our team’s desire is to invest and better support our contractors and customers because we realize our clients are our best spokesmen to showcase the artistry, beauty, and durability of decorative concrete. Our monthly hands-on training classes continue with participants creating concrete countertops, learning to acid stain, and gaining experience with multiple sealers and coatings to maintain and protect their concrete. Moving forward, Moon Decorative Concrete is planning to create training videos to familiarize our customers across the globe with the newest, in-vogue concrete techniques, as well as developing a user-friendly website that makes purchasing the right products simple. As always, our staff is devoted to remaining a technical resource to contractors and customers for on-site assistance.

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you!

Decorative Concrete Contractor

Find A Decorative Concrete Contractor

Not ready to do the work yourself….we understand! Lots of decorative concrete work should be accomplished by a good decorative concrete contractor with experience. Because Moon Decorative is a retail store selling decorative concrete products, it does not act as a contractor. However, we do train lots of decorative concrete contractors from all over the country and we have a great list of local decorative concrete contractors for Oklahoma. If you would like this list, please call us at 888-848-0059 and we will email it to you.

If you are out of the Oklahoma area, we would suggest the following sources:









Moon Decorative, or does not manage any of the contractors listed in their contractor directories. The client accepts all responsibility for completing the due diligence on any contracting company prior to engaging their services.

How to plan and order products for a metallic garage floor epoxy system

When planning a metallic epoxy garage floor system it is important to have enough product to do the job without running short or over ordering too much product, not to mention using the right products for the job.

The following is an overview of a top quality, high end garage floor system including product list, tech data link and approximate coverage rates.

Metallic Epoxy Floor System Installation and Products:

Surface Preparation: Patch, repair chips and cracks, roughen (grind), and completely clean the entire concrete surface.

  • Concrete patch crack fill – Tech data – ORDER⇒
  • Surface cleaner – Tech data – Will need 1 gallon kit per 150-250 sq/ft – ORDER⇒
  • Primer coat – Tech data – Each gallon covers 250-340 sq/ft – ORDER⇒
  • Metallic base coat with color – Tech data -Each gallon covers 90-100 sq/ft. – ORDER⇒ 3 gallon kit
  • Metallic color additive – Each color pack is used per gallon of material or per desired color depth – ORDER⇒
  • Clear Protective Top Coat – Tech data – Polyaspartic is the highest quality top coat  – Coverage is 250-400ft/sq per gallon – two coats are ideal – ORDER⇒
Metallic Epoxy Floor at Moon Decorative Concrete

Metallic Epoxy Floor at Moon Decorative Concrete


There will be other cost associated with this and may include:

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint Rollers
  • Solvent for cleanup
  • Tape
  • Gloves
  • Buckets
  • Mixing drill
  • Goggles
  • Spiked cleats
  • Vacuum

Largest Online Store

Moon Decorative, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is stocked to the rafters with the largest collection of decorative concrete products: color pigments, fiber, hand tools, concrete sealers, sprayers and many of the hundreds of texture mats and skins. With over 3000 products, we are the largest online decorative concrete store.

Moon Decorative cares about decorative concrete and wants’ to help others discover the wide and varied uses of concrete. Often times, looking for the right product can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know exactly what product you need for your project. Our web site is as much about education as it is about providing a reference source for the multitude of products available which can be shipped to your location. Our staff is trained to ask questions of the caller so that our clients get the right product for the job.

Looking for a specific look? We suggest you go online and look for ideas. Our gallery is a great place to start. Or perhaps ask a good contractor, they often will have ideas and solutions. Need a good contractor? We have just the resources to help.

In addition to having a huge inventory of decorative concrete materials, Moon Decorative is widely recognized as a reliable source of product information and tech data for the products we carry. Our technical staff is one of the best in the country and is here to assist you. To put one of our techs on your team, call us at 888-848-0059. Their experience and expertise might be just what you need to accomplish your unique project.

Owner Doug Bannister, has been involved in decorative concrete treatments work since 1980. His experience and approach qualifies him as one of the leading experts in the decorative concrete industry. The training at Moon Decorative  is unparalleled. You can find a variety of classes whether you are a homeowner or contractor, check out the training schedule.

With such a huge selection of products, you can’t go wrong when you select a product from our store. We carry all the major brands such as APF, Brickform, Chapin, enCOUNTER, Fritz-Pak, Kraft Tools, Proline, Solomon, SS Specialties, and Wooster are but just a few of the products we inventory.

Need your products in a hurry? That’s not a problem. Because Oklahoma City, OK. is centrally located, it makes it easy and economical for you to get your products when you want them. Our shipping department is expert in knowing what carrier to pick, and which ones provide the most cost effective way to ship, depending on your location. We work with both ground and air carriers, insuring your products will arrive to you on time.

So, give Moon Decorative a try. We feel 100% certain you will love us.

Contractor Appreciation Rewards Program

When contractors shop at, you not only receive contractor pricing but you can earn loyalty rewards.  Based upon your purchases each month, Moon Decorative will give you store credit. Here is how it works: you purchase ,000. nomini kaszinó online 00 of product in one month, and we will send you a store credit for $75.00, to be used towards purchase of any Moon Decorative products. gaminator 777: ingyen nyerőgépek, kaszinó, játékok

$2,500.00 = $25.00 store credit
$5,000.00 = $75.00 store credit
$7,500.00 = $150.00 store credit
$10,000.00 = $250.00 store credit

Just another way Moon Decorative takes care of its Contractors! Put extra money in your pocket with these rewards. ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok    

To see who the current contractors/companies who have received rewards, click here.

MSDS Information

For MSDS information, please call 888-848-0059 and we will be happy to email these to you.

Ensuring Professional Results with Quality Cement Countertop Products

Concrete Poker Table

Cement countertops can be a beautiful addition to a home or business. These particular types of countertops tend to be more specialized and personal than other countertop materials yet are known to be very durable, beautiful and functional.  Keep in mind, however, that cement countertops do need to be manufactured and installed correctly in order to be effective. There are several important factors to consider if  professional results are your goal.

Hire a Professional

The easiest and most obvious way to ensure professional results from your countertop installation is to hire a professional fabricator to do the job. They will have all the proper tools at their disposal as well as years of experience and training that let them complete the installation efficiently and correctly. Professionals will also be able to help you select the best quality cement countertop products and let you know which ideas work and which ones don’t, preventing you from wasting your time and perhaps the cost of materials.

Use the Proper Products

Whether you plan to hire an expert or manufacturer the cement countertops yourself, you want to be sure to opt for high-quality products. While cement countertops can last indefinitely, to make them last longer than those made from other materials, quality cement countertop products are worth the extra money upfront. Concrete countertop materials including the cement mix, as well as the protective countertop coating will be of a better quality, allowing them to last longer than cheaper products. Quality products also tend to not only perform better, but make for easier application and have easier-to-follow instructions, making it simpler for you to do the job yourself.

Concrete Boardroom Table


Pour Slabs Using the Same Batch

To get professional results from your countertop installation, you want to do more than just follow all of the instructions for mixing correctly. You do need to add the ingredients into your mixer in the proper order, but you also want to plan your batches. Aim to use the same batch of concrete mix to fill in any slabs that are right next to each other. If any element of the mixture varies from batch to batch (such as cement color, moisture, or aggregate gradation), it will be noticeable. Don’t worry if your slabs are too big to use the same batch on several. Fill each slab partially with one batch (to the same point) and then pour the other batch on top. This will let you finish with a uniform appearance. Simply remember to stop casting lines, stir the edges of the different batches a bit to help blend them.

For the best results when pouring the countertops yourself, ask some friends to help you so you don’t feel pressed for time and can mix and pour simultaneously.

The Basics of Concrete Stamping for the DIYer

Stamped concrete pool deck

To transform an existing concrete floor, walkway, driveway or patio or some other surface while sticking to a budget, concrete stamping is an excellent solution. Although concrete stamping has been around for years, it remains one of the most popular methods used by do-it-yourselfers to transform what could be potentially dull concrete into something spectacular.

What Is Concrete Stamping?

Concrete stamping is a process used to create a specific texture or pattern in concrete using stamping tools. You can stamp concrete using a variety of tools, including patterned stamps and textured rollers. These tools can create the look of genuine wood, brick, slate, tile, flagstone, cobblestone, and much more. When done right, no one can tell the surface is not a natural material.

Benefits of Concrete Stamping

Concrete stamping offers many benefits, the greatest being the aesthetic transformation.

  • Affordability – To have natural materials installed is expensive; stamped concrete can create the same look for a much lower price.
  • Strength and Durability – Concrete stamping makes the project stronger and last longer. Therefore, your patio, pool deck, floor, countertop, driveway, sidewalk, pathway, or other surface will last for many more years beyond the original lifespan.

Stamped Concrete

Gorgeous Color

With concrete stamping, you have the opportunity to choose a beautiful base color along with an accent colors. The base color is the primary color of the stamped concrete. Typically, you want to choose a color that coordinates with the project and complements the style of your home. As an example, if you choose a decorative concrete product from Moon Decorative for a Victorian-style home, you might consider a richer color of red or cinnamon.

Keep in mind that you have many exciting options of added color for concrete stamping products from Moon Decorative. This includes acid stains, powder or liquid integral colors, and surface color hardeners, to name a few. With these products, you will enjoy additional benefits dependent on the primary color chosen. For example, if the color comes from a hardener, the concrete surface will be stronger and more resistant to abrasions and other damage.

You can also choose from a wide variety of accent colors to emphasize the texture created by the stamping. In this case, color comes from color release applied to the concrete, which serves two purposes; color release changes the concrete’s color, and it prevents stamps from sticking to the surface.

Architectural Spec/Guidelines