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Moon Decorative offers the most comprehensive range of concrete products and systems in the United States. Our in-house concrete products, SS Specialties as commonly known, offers you the chance to have affordable and durable concrete products that can provide a great return on your investment. Our product range includes (but is not limited to):

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Decorative Concrete Floor Overlay In A High End Spa

When Avanti Spa was looking for a top notch floor system for their exclusive spa, they knew the functional aspect couldn’t overshadow the style and decor and decided to use a concrete floor overlay.  The style of the spa was to mimic the look and feel of a spanish town, complete with cobblestone paths and slate textured walkways.  The decision to use a stamped concrete overlay was a perfect decision and below is an overview of the finished project along with many of the important steps of how it was done.

In order for the spa to have a functional and themed floor system while maintaining a water resistance surface the concrete was resurfaced with a stampable overlay and then sealed with a high grade Solvent based acrylic sealer.

Click the images below to learn of the steps involved on how this Spa concrete floor overlay was done.

Here is a list of products and tools to achieve a similar stamped concrete floor overlay.

Decorative Concrete Products:

Concrete Tools:

DIY Epoxy Coating Application

Oklahoma DIY Garage Floor Epoxy System

There are many types of DIY jobs when it comes to sprucing up your home. One type of flooring project that is popular in Oklahoma as a do it yourself is applying an epoxy coating on your garage floor. While it is always ideal to hire a professional to do the job; if you have the right guidance and tools to do it, this type of project can be something a handy DIY’er can tackle and be proud of.
Doing a DIY epoxy floor on your garage concrete surface can certainly enhance protection for the surface while adding an appeal to it as well. Here are some simple guidelines on how to apply an epoxy coating on your garage floor surface.

Prepare the Floor

Start by ensuring you have a clear area where all items have been removed from the area. Protect the surrounding wall edges and door thresholds with masking tape and prep paper. Depending on the epoxy coating system being installed, and the current state of your garage floor surface, the proper surface preparation method could vary. All surface prep instructions will be included and provided by the manufacturer of the epoxy coating product. Follow these instructions carefully. These methods can range anywhere from a light washing/degreasing, muriatic acid wash, or even a mechanical abrasion technique like sanding or shot blasting to remove old surface coatings etc. The surface must be free of any unwanted “bond breaking” material, and should be clean and dry. This would be a good time to do a moisture test as well to ensure there is no trapped moisture in the concrete slab. A definite bond breaker! The technical representatives at Moon Decorative  are always available to answer questions you may have and advise you on the proper moisture testing and preparation techniques.

Apply Primer

After preparing your floor, the next step is to apply a primer, which is the bond coat you need for proper adhesion. Follow the instructions provided for the proper application technique. Common application techniques include using tools such as sprayers, rollers, or squeegees.   Once applied, the primer will need to dry before applying the topcoat.

Rolling on an Epoxy Primer Coat

Apply Top Coat and Slip Resistance

Once the primer coat has dried (check label for ideal dry times), a topcoat can be applied using the same techniques as the primer. Epoxy coatings come in may colors, so check with Moon Decorative to view all of the color options, as well as different sheen levels from shiny to matte finish. If slip resistance is of concern, there are also different types of additives that can be added to the topcoat to help provide grip or slip resistance to the surface.

When you are ready for your garage floor coating DIY project, turn to Moon Decorative online at for your entire epoxy floor coating needs in Oklahoma.

Benefits of Micro Topping – Big things come in small thicknesses!

Micro-topping installation

If you’re looking for something that can re-coat and provide a thin aggressive bond to any floor or wall, including concrete, metal or wood, a two-part cement based material known as a micro topping is just what you need. The combination of a liquid polymer and two different available powder mixtures, once blended micro-toppings can be applied onto a surface using a steel trowel, magic trowel, splatter method or other creative means.  You can integrally color a micro topping or apply surface colors post application and curing.  A wonderful textured look can be given to the topping  material by applying a lighter colored finish coat over a darker base.  In order to transform boring concrete into an artistic finish with a wide variety of color combinations and design possibilities you can experiment and get creative with different application methods and color techniques. 

Benefits of a Micro Topping

In order to achieve different interior and exterior flooring and paving requirements, micro topping can be used. You can use micro topping to finish the existing surface of a newly constructed home or commercial establishment or to renovate old stained or damaged concrete. Whichever it is, micro toppings are a great option.

Light over dark micro-topping installation on a patio

The benefit of a Micro topping is that it bonds with almost all solid clean substrates.  Micro toppings owe their extraordinary adhesion properties to the polymer (glue like) additive that it is blended with.  Consideration must be given to a properly cleaned and prepared substrate as well. Micro toppings accept some deflection from shifting substrates and give some flexibility as they are engineered with hybrid co-polymers.

Walls and floors can have the same continued appearance and design with micro topping as they are versatile and can be used vertically as well as horizontally.

Protection against salt corrosion and freeze is possible as micro topping are a protective concrete coating. It is a perfect product for concrete renovations as they have high compressive strength, abrasion resistant, and flexural properties.

The use of Micro toppings are often preferred over thicker stampable toppings when heights are needed to be maintained for door openings and transitions between rooms and floor areas, as well when a less expensive and more flexible system is desired over a large space or vast installation area.

Industrial Sprayers Tips-N-Tricks

In honor of our sale item this month, February 2015 — all industrial sprayers are deeply discounted — we consulted Moon Decorative’s head trainer, head technician and head R&D guy, Tim Frazier, on tips-n-tricks to ensure your new investment lasts for several seasons!

The below are Tim’s answers to questions that are commonly asked:

What kinds of industrial sprayers are available?

We have 10 different Industrial Sprayers on sale!

Moon Decorative carries three different types: acetone, acid and solvent based sprayers. It might be obvious; however, acetone sprayers are used to spray alcohol stains and urethanes; acid sprayers are used to spray acid stains; and solvent based sprayers are used for cure-n-seals and release agents. Because each sprayer has a specific use, the parts that are used within each variety are chosen so that they dont react with the chemical inside it. For example, the acid sprayers carrying acid have all plastic parts so that acid doesnt corrode them. There are rebuildable sprayers (i.e. parts can be replaced if they corrode, etc) and a non-rebuildable types meaning you cannot replace the parts. Moon Decorative carries all replaceable parts for the rebuildable sprayers.


How do you recommend maintaining your sprayer?

 Sprayers are similar to paint brushes, and they can potentially last for a long time simply by cleaning them after each use. Each of the sprayer types has different maintenance needs: 

Acid sprayers require rinsing with water, and spraying water through the hose and wand into a bucket to insure the entire chemical residue is released will do wonders for its longevity. Once your sprayer is cleaned thoroughly, place it upside down in a dry place until youre ready to use it again. It will be ready to use again and again!

 Acetone sprayers require rinsing thoroughly with straight acetone to clean the pigment out.

 With solvent-based sprayers, the best cleaner is the solvent that is used in the product your using.

 Its necessary to lubricate all seals: handles, sprayers, and inside the pump with a silicone grease after each and every use.


What are the most common problems you hear about industrial sprayers?

 The customer is not getting the correct tip, and as a result the spray is not what is desired. Some of the types of spray tips are: conical, adjustable conical and fan. Tim prefers the conical variety because he finds that its easier to keep a consistent spray, and its easier to control the application.

 As we were completing our interview, Tim gave one last word of advice — Remember to spray into a bucket when youre first starting and stopping.” The spray tips sometimes drip — and could potentially drip onto your concrete creation. Unless youre going for the Jackson Pollock look, you may want to heed Tims recommendation!


 As always, rest assured that the Moon Decorative is here to answer any questions you have about sprayers and concrete. We here to help our customers “get it” and “get it right” which is why we enjoy our relationships for the long haul.  Here is a quick link to get you to all of our Industrial Sprayers.