Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Charcoal and Silver Metallic FX Epoxy Garage Floor -Photo from Bella Homes

It isn’t every day in the concrete coatings world that you come across something truly awe inspiring. Metallic coatings just might change the way you look a floors and epoxy coatings.

Combining the latest technology with creative design and a unique coloration method you can now achieve one of the coolest looks from your epoxy floor coating using a combination of epoxy and metallic flake and pigments.

The concept of using metallics in coatings is not new but has been refined so that it can be done fairly easily by the DIYer. Metallic coloration has often been used on vehicles and creates that color changing effect you’ve probably seen on vehicles as they capture light from different directions causing a shimmering color shift.

Metallic colors have a glimmering effect and can be as subtle or as radical as you like.

Moon Decorative has everything you need to create your very own eye opening and powerful metallic coating floor in your garage, home or commercial space.

Metallic Epoxy Floor System Installation Steps:

  1. Surface Preparation: Patch, repair chips and cracks, roughen (grind), and completely clean the entire concrete surface.
  2. Primer Coat: Prime the surface of the concrete with a water or solvent based epoxy primer to seal-off and create a proper bond to the concrete substrate.
  3. Metallic Base Coat: Apply the SS Metallic colored base coat, this creates the field and overall color of the floor.
  4. Metallic Effects Coloration: Mix the desired Metallic powdered pigment into a 100% solids epoxy and apply to create the desired effect.
  5. Clear Protective Topcoat: Coat the entire surface with an SS Aliphatic 100% Epoxy or a more abrasion resistant urethane or polyaspartic for maximum protection.




There are different effects that can be achieved by blending and layering the metallic coatings and pigments.

Same Color Effect
You can get depth but not overpowering effects by using the same color base coat and Metallic coat.

A Two-Tone Effect
By layering a colored base coat with a different Metallic color a two-tone metallic effect is created.

Two/Three Color Effect
To get a more dramatic effect try using a single colored base coat with two or three different Metallic colors on top.

Although three colors sounds like crazy fun, too many color layers can detract from the overall effect of the metallics. Try sticking with one or two but if you insist and want to try more be our guest!