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Welcome to Moon Decorative Concrete

The Moon Decorative Concrete’s mission is to serve contractors with the highest quality training, products, and service while developing and growing the decorative concrete market.

We offer monthly training classes on acid staining, overlays, concrete countertops, coatings and stamping for DIYers, artisans, and contractors in the concrete and construction industries.
Our product line includes all that anyone would need for all concrete applications indoor and out, and our service is to assist you with your projects.

Moon Decorative Concrete can be contacted 7:30am to 5:00pm CT Monday through Friday and from 8:00am to noon CT on Saturday. Call us toll free at 866.906.2006. We look forward to working with you.


Best Practice Tips for Working with Concrete Countertop Topping Mix

Concrete countertops have become an increasingly popular trend in many homes, particularly among homeowners who are interested in having a custom and unique, creative or industrial look. When installing concrete countertops, it is vital to follow all required steps, including the proper use of concrete countertop topping mix. This is a layer of concrete that is […]


Is Your Concrete a Good Candidate for Decorative Floor Stain?

Most people think of concrete floors as being cold, boring, and esthetically unpleasing. Although in some cases this might be true, concrete floors can be stained, giving them a warm and rich appearance. Decorative floor stains can produce stunning results. This is a cost-efficient method of transforming boring floors, and the process of staining can […]

Concrete Industry Terms

accelerator – admixture used to shorten concrete set time and/or earlier strengths air entrainment – microscopic air bubbles in the cement paste that allows space for expanding  moisture during freeze cycles bleed water – water that rises  to the surface of freshly placed concrete as the aggregate settles bottom out – to bottom out is  making certain that the […]


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