Troubleshooting concrete floor problems and how to fix them with Polyaspartic

Polyurea polyaspartic

When you are experiencing issues with your concrete flooring, specialty concrete products can frequently provide a solution. There are multiple potential issues that can affect concrete floors, ranging from premature wear and abrasion to cracking or surface spalling.  Specialty products, such as polyaspartic polyurea coatings, may be able to help resolve some of these issues and prevent them from reoccurring.

Advantages of polyaspartic polyurea floor coatings

The polyurea floor coatings that are classified as professional specialty concrete products are able to resist abrasion to a higher degree than many other coating products on the market. This in turn dramatically reduces the wear and tear that occurs on a daily basis and can lead to degradation or damage of the floors surface. The coatings also cure rapidly, allowing you to have minimal downtime in your office, warehouse, retail space or other area during application. These polymer concrete coatings are advanced in nature, protecting the surface via a tough barrier. This in turn extends the life of the material, saving you money over time.

Additionally, these floor paints coat the surface with a waterproof and seamless membrane that is able to resist the vast majority of chemicals that may affect a floor. This lets it stand up to repeated power washing or sanitizing. You can also create slip resistant or non-skid surfaces with these products.

Preventing Future Problems

Not only do polyaspartic specialty concrete coatings resolve your floor problems, they also can help prevent future ones from forming. Concrete expands and contracts based on the temperature.  As concrete shifts, expands and contracts cracks may begin to appear.  Polyaspartics are somewhat flexible, with some degree of elastomeric properties. This means that the coating can expand and/or contract along with the temperature changes without any noticeable damage. This is a stark contrast to some other thin-film coatings that can become rigid or brittle and then crack or fail, allowing moisture penetration and a open the door to other issues associated with water absorption.

Common Uses for Polyaspartics

Because of their ability to solve problems, polyaspartic concrete coating products are not only useful for sealing floors; they can also be used as crack sealants, or joint filling. In terms of flooring, these materials are common for warehouses, parking garages, food processing plants, petrochemical facilities, and even wastewater treatment plants. No matter how the products are used, they will be flexible and durable as well as able to resist heavy foot and vehicular traffic.

When purchasing polyaspartic coatings you can choose from 3 types of the SS Polyaspartic brand.

  1. 70% Solids
  2. 80% Solids
  3. 100% Solids

Although the ‘solids content’ directly relates to the amount of ‘plastics’ in the mix, each material has it’s place in different applications.  Talk to Moon Decorative technical department for help in choosing your perfect mix.

What You Need to Know When Buying Concrete Stamping Tools Online

Stamped Concrete Driveway

Concrete stamping tools are the easiest way to create a pattern on a concrete surface that resembles brick or any other design without having to put in a great deal of effort. This makes them worth the investment, as they are easy to use.

You can easily find all of the stamping tools online through our concrete supplies online shopping store. Before you make your purchase, however, you will need to know a few things.

Getting to Know the Stamping Tool Types

First, keep in mind that you will find several types of concrete stamping tools online. Rigid and semi-rigid mats are sturdy, have handles, and leave excellent impressions. Floppys or flex mats can be bent up to a right angle, letting you mold against walls or edges, but they don’t have handles and you can’t really stand on them as they are too soft. The final type, texturing skins, are pliable and ultra-thin, giving seamless texture. They are typically used in combination with other types of mats.

Quantity When Buying Concrete Stamping Tools Online

When buying concrete stamping tools online, you also need to think about how many to buy. Keep in mind that the concrete can cure very quickly, especially if it’s warm outside, so you will want enough stamp mats to cover a large surface area. One recommendation is typically to purchase enough mats so they cover the area’s width plus one or two extras. You can always consult with our helpful technical staff here at Moon Decorative and they can recommend what you will need based on your job.

Pay attention to the packages you buy, as many concrete stamping tools online come in sets of a few mats that are slightly different. The stamp mats can be categorized by colors, numbers, or letters, with colors being the easiest to use, as they are simple to tell apart. Don’t forget to select stamping tools of high quality; simply make sure to buy from a reputable retailer and quality manufacturer.

Finally, if you are in the market for purchasing concrete stamp mats online, be sure to check out our selection of Concrete stamp mats where we offer the top of the line in quality and assortment.

Concrete Stamping Patterns Open up a New World

Italian Slate – Concrete Stamp Pattern

Concrete stamping has rapidly become a preferred option for creating aesthetically pleasing designer indoor and outdoor spaces. Today, a variety of concrete stamping patterns has made it possible for each project to be completely customized. Whether your client has a desire for their concrete driveway to look like a brick drive or you have a boring patio that you would like to have a natural stone appearance, concrete stamping patters can and will open up an entirely new world of design options.

Mediterranean designs have become increasingly popular for outdoor living spaces, especially near the swimming pool. Unfortunately, installing Italian slate can be a time-consuming and expensive process. With concrete stamping patterns, however, it is possible to achieve that look for only a fraction of the cost. Concrete stamping patterns can also be used to create a charming European cobblestone pattern for a more Old World and rustic feel. For clients who have  always dreamed of a tropical feel, concrete stamping patterns can provide a boardwalk design that leads family and guests directly to the swimming pool.

European cobblestone

Along with selecting a pattern and texture for concrete stamping patterns, you can also select from a range of finishing colors to complete the project. A veritable rainbow of colors is now available and the methods of application and how they are installed will create any number of custom and realistic results.


Locating Supplies for Concrete Stamping Patterns

Concrete stamping patterns are suitable for a variety of different applications, including for patios, driveways, walkways, and swimming pool deck surrounds. In order to take full advantage of the numerous stamping patterns available today, contractors will often find that the best solution for locating stamping patterns and supplies is online.  Purchasing concrete stamp mats online will allow you to see and compare the various patterns and styles available and then get them sent directly to your door.