New Line of Concrete Repellents

Have you ever experienced that heart-sinking feeling that comes when your iPhone crashes to the ground? Anything can happen to an iPhone without a protective case, and yet the case covers the beauty of the sleek design.

It’s not necessary to risk beauty for longevity with decorative concrete. You can avoid the day — after having an icy winter spreading de-icing salts generously — that you notice the flaking and spalling on the surface of your once stunning walkway.

Looks like this decorative concrete needs attention!

 The Culprits:

Water that soaks into pool decks, concrete driveways, patios and sidewalks can damage it in several ways. The water can cause delamination of the top layer, pitting and efflorescence. The sprinkler system used to keep shrubs, flowers and plants lush and green is the culprit of the water damage in the picture below.

Salt from salt-water pools, and de-icing salts on road and walkways can reak havoc on concrete as well. With unsealed concrete, water melted by the salt can be absorbed into it. The salt ions seep into the concrete causing the steel reinforcing in the concrete to rust and deteriorate. Ultimately, the salt is destructive.

The complete line of SS Specialties Repellents

The Solutions:

Concrete water repellents will all penetrate and chemically bond deep within the substrate to provide long lasting protection against deterioration or staining due to water conditions.

Moon Decorative is thrilled to add these product solutions as options to keep your decorative concrete looking beautiful for years.

  • SS Repel Block WB-75: 7.5% active water-based siloxane/silane water repellent with zero VOC’s
  • SS Repel Guard SB-40: 40% active solvent-based silane water repellent with low VOC’s
  • SS Repel Guard SB-20: 20% active solvent-based silane water repellent with low VOC’s
  • SS Cure & Repel: a dual functioning chemical reactive curing compound and water repellent with a low viscosity for better penetration on concrete substrates.

These repellents have the added benefit that the concrete will maintain its natural look. There is no concrete color change, gloss or wet sheen to them. This is because the silane/siloxane is not on the surface of the concrete. It is actually below the surface and inside concrete substrate.

Prevention products that can protect against concrete cracking and spalling

Concrete sealer and waterproofer

For homes and businesses, one of the most widely used materials is concrete, especially for flooring. Concrete is an excellent material for both exterior and interior flooring needs. In addition, concrete is cost-efficient, strong, durable, and can be beautifully stamped or polished with a wide range of colors and patterns. We just don’t like to see concrete cracking or spalling.

However, concrete is also subject to different types of deterioration, including corrosion of embedded metals, the freeze and thaw process, chemicals, and overload and impact, among other things. Two common challenges of concrete flooring are cracks and spalling. To prevent damage, it is imperative to choose the right concrete floor supplier, one with superior products and unrivaled expertise.

Preventing Cracks and Spalling

Although random cracks and spalls occur, the risk is less by using the right mix design, placement, and finishing. The Stamp Store offers superior products and provides contractors with information, data, and even training on all products sold.

Moon Decorative has a new line of repellents designed specifically to prevent cracks and spalling in porous flooring materials.

  •  Repel Block WB 75 – This 7.5 percent active water-based siloxane-silane product works as a water repellent and impregnating agent. By penetrating and chemically bonding deep with concrete flooring, it protects against deterioration and staining.
  • Repel Guard SB 20 – This solvent-silane repellent has a 20 percent active solvent base and repels and impregnates porous masonry surfaces. While SS Repel Guard SB 20 does not produce a film or compromise the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, it does offer outstanding protection against concrete cracking, spalling, and other common issues.
  • Repel Guard SB 40 – The only difference between this repellant and SB 20 is the level of active solvent base. In addition to protecting your concrete floor from cracks and spalls, this product is highly resistant to fungus, mold, mildew, freeze/thaw cycles, and deicing salt.

Our Most Popular Decorative Concrete Countertop Products for DIY Projects

Polishing a concrete countertop

Often, people interested in decorative concrete countertops, floors, walkways, driveways, patios, and other surfaces hire a professional contractor to do the work. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this decision, thanks to companies like Moon Decorative, you can actually create your own unique surface by using the right decorative concrete products and taking full advantage of the information and training offered.

Creating Gorgeous Concrete Countertops on your own!

Moon Decorative has an incredible DIY countertop system known as enCOUNTER. In addition to being versatile, this system works great for precast and cast-in-place countertops because it will not crack and its early strength is unrivaled. This decorative concrete product can be made in sections up to 60 feet long without unsightly joints, seams, or cracks.

Countertop Resurfacing with EZ top

Using enCOUNTER products, a variety of gorgeous colors and stains can be added, giving your countertops individual personality and character. Moon Decorative also sells top-of-the-line sealers that prevent water staining and resist mold, mildew, and fungus while reducing the risk of deterioration.

  • enCOUNTER Mix Gray – Compared to other materials used to make countertops, this product outperforms. Some of the key benefits include endless color options; a structured material that can withstand long, unsupported spans; and it takes virtually any shape, can be polished sooner, and has a low water demand that minimizes cracking and curling.
  • EZTop White Kit – This is another excellent product offered by Moon Decorative for a decorative cement countertop DIY project. This kit is a unique blend of Portland cement, Liquid SS Concentrated Polymer, and high-quality graded aggregates that create a concrete surface on existing and properly prepared substrates, including laminate.
  • EZ Coating Kit – For optimal protection of your cured EZ Top surface, this coating kit is ideal. The kit is available in both matte and gloss finishes. It is used to make your new countertop more stain, chemical, and abrasion resistant while enhancing esthetics.


Benefits of Training Materials

Along with superior products for DIY decorative concrete surfaces, Moon Decorative has a wide range of training books and DVDs. By using the company’s products in conjunction with easy-to-follow training materials, your decorative concrete surface will look as if it was installed by a trained professional. Examples of the books and DVDs offered include:

  • Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete (book)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Overlay and Toppings (book)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Stamped Concrete (book)
  • Casting Concrete Countertops-Bannister (book)
  • Stenciled Concrete-Cast In-Place and Deck Coat (DVD)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete 2 (DVD)
  • enCOUNTER (video/DVD)
  • Fossilcrete Vertical System (DVD)

Understanding The Different Types of Concrete Stain Products

Concrete acid stained floor

Concrete staining is a great way to bring life to concrete or change up the look of an older and perhaps even dated or damaged floor. At Moon Decorative, we carry a variety of decorative concrete products, including acid stain, water based stain and acrylic stain to help you with all of your DIY decorative concrete projects as well as to assist contractors with their projects.

When shopping for concrete stain, you will find there are actually a few different types of stain products. If you have not worked with stain for concrete in the past, you might not be familiar with these types and be unsure which product is right for the look you want to achieve.

Reactive Acid Stains

Reactive Acid Stains, such as Sedona Acid Stain, are designed to react with a concrete surface in a chemical manner. The result is a translucent, variegated color tone that somewhat resembles marble. True acid-based concrete stains feature metallic salts that will react with the lime content in the concrete. Once that chemical reaction has occurred, the stain will form a permanent bond and will not peel or chip.  Acid stains require a residue cleanup and mopping after the stain has completely reacted.  This wash down process removes the etched concrete and residue which impedes sealer adhesion and is a necessary step.

Water Based Concrete Stain

Nonreactive Water Based  Stains

A different approach to concrete stain is a water borne epoxy-acrylic stain, such as the SS Rainbow Stain System. This type of concrete stain is nonreactive because it is not based on the use of a chemical reaction in order to impart color to the concrete. Nonreactive stains are more similar to paint or wood stain in that the pigment particles they contain are deposited directly into the pores of the concrete. This provides a much broader array of color options than with traditional acid stains. In addition, you may also find nonreactive stains easier to apply. The final result tends to be more opaque in nature than with the use of a reactive stain but can still provide a translucent effect if not applied too heavily.