What You Need to Know for DIY Epoxy Coating Projects

Although you can hire a professional contractor to assist with any concrete floor project, you can apply epoxy as a do-it-yourself project as well. Thanks to quality products from Moon Decorative, DIY epoxy coating projects are quite common.

DIY Epoxy Coatings and Products

If you have an existing concrete floor that is dull and outdated, an epoxy coating is the perfect solution. Of course, as with any home project, you need a little knowledge before you get started to ensure the results are everything you wanted and more.

Perfecting Epoxy Coating Projects

Whether the DIY project is for a home or office, you can achieve amazing results. Epoxy transforms the floor’s aesthetics and ensures better protection while spending less than having a new concrete floor installed.

  • Preparation – The first and most important step for your DIY epoxy coating project involves preparation of the concrete floor. Without a clean and properly prepared surface, the final outcome will be subpar. If the floor has old mastics, rough patches or stains, it’s best to use a mechanical preparation method like sanding, scarifying, or grinding. Specialists at Moon Decorative can assist you in recommending the best method for your particular project.  In addition to a gorgeous finish, preparation ensures proper adherence of the epoxy coating. Whatever surface preparation used, it is imperative to remove all debris and dust.
  • Primer Application – Depending on the system chosen, it is also advisable to a apply a base or primer coat to the surface after preparation. To ensure a consistent and thorough coverage use proper application methods and tools recommended by the product supplier.  Many DIY’ers start by brushing the primer on the outer area of the floor, making sure to get close to the walls and deep in corners. For the remainder of the floor, a roller usually works best.
  • Epoxy Coating – Once the primer coat is completely dry, the top epoxy coating is applied. Just as you did with the primer, aim for a consistent and thorough coat, use a brush to get the epoxy close to the walls and deep in corners, followed by a roller for the rest of the floor’s surface.

For additional assistance and inspiration for your DIY project, check out the ideas and how-to guides on Moon Decorative’s website.

Tips for Working with Metallic Floor Coatings

Metallic Epoxy by Moon Decorative

Metallic floor coatings create stunning concrete surfaces. If you want to transform an existing floor without spending a fortune, you can by using a top-quality product from Moon Decorative. The combination of modern technology and creative design leads to an incredible result.

Although metallic floor coatings have been around for a while, modern coatings are more refined. With the use of metallic pigments and flakes, your floor can look different from various angles and depending on how light hits the surface. To achieve a glimmering effect, you should be aware of a few helpful tips.

Helpful Tips

  • Preparation – Before you apply any metallic floor coatings, you need to prepare the concrete surface. Make sure you properly fill all cracks and chips, smooth out any rough spots, and thoroughly clean and dry the entire area.  Preparation is the mot important step.
  • Primer Coat – With the floor prepared, apply a solvent or water-based epoxy primer to seal the floor and create a strong bond on which the metallic coating will adhere. For both residential and commercial projects, Moon Decorative offers one of the best epoxy primers available. The primer protects, seals, refreshes, and enhances concrete floors.
  • Metallic Floor Coatings – The next step involves the application of the metallic coating. Keep in mind that while there are many products on the market, those offered by Moon Decorative are by far the best. Be sure to use slow, smooth strokes so the entire floor is covered.
  • Coloring Effects – Give careful consideration when choosing metallic powdered pigment. Because the floor is a large space, a little can go a long way.
  • Protective Topcoat – It is essential that you apply a protective coat over the finished surface to resist abrasions and help with maximum protection.

The Latest Trends in Specialty Concrete Products

Decorative Concrete

For discerning clients who want something unique for an indoor or outdoor project, the specialty concrete products offered by Moon Decorative are perfect.

Decorative Concrete Trends

For all types of surfaces, decorative concrete is one of the hottest trends. This is especially true for flooring. Decorative concrete offers one-of-a-kind aesthetics for both residential or commercial projects. Here are some of the hottest trends in specialty products for decorative concrete:

  • Acid Stain – An original decorative concrete solution, acid staining involves the application of a colored liquid to a concrete surface. The stain will react with the minerals in the concrete to create a unique look. If your clients want natural earth tones that look like natural stone or marble, this product is ideal.
  • Stamps – Another consideration is stamped concrete. With stamps, you achieve the desired pattern or texture with imprinting or embossing. Moon Decorative offers a wide selection of rubber stamps, including stamp mats, textured skins, and rollers.
  • Overlay and Resurfacing – You might suggest concrete overlays and resurfacing, which consist of an extremely thin film placed over damaged or old concrete surface to give the floor a brand-new appearance.
  • Dyes – Beautiful concrete dyes are among the specialty concrete products offered by Moon Decorative. This is a popular solution since there is no wash down or neutralization. However, to ensure the color locks in, a coating system or sealer is necessary.
  • Epoxies and Coatings – Designed for ultimate protection, wear resistance, and durability, epoxies and coatings are perfect for industrial environments and garage floors.
  • Concrete Cut Patterns and Scorelines – Whether done dry or wet, cut patterns in concrete can provide a great design and look to break up large areas or give a tiled floor appearance.


Questions to Ask When Buying Decorative Cement Products

As you look for the right decorative cement product, be sure to ask certain questions. That way, you purchase the appropriate product according to the job. Below are some of the more important questions to consider.

Concrete Coloration Concrete Cement Products

What color effects do I want to achieve? – The decorative cement product will determine the aesthetics of the finished project. Therefore, it is essential that you gain as much insight into what Moon Decorative offers pertaining to water and acid-based stains and dyes. Only then will you know the exact impact of color effects.

What is the condition of the concrete? – The condition of the concrete surface plays a key role in the type of product you choose. Therefore, analyze the jobsite to determine if the concrete is old or new, stained, cracked, pitted, or damaged in some other way. Does it have an old floor covering or old seal coat that needs removal?

Is the concrete inside or outside? – Decorative cement products have different formulas based on application. For instance, a product to resurface a dealership showroom is different from what you would use for a new pool deck in the client’s backyard. Make sure you choose the right product for the application.

Is the mixing and application process difficult? – Fortunately, most dyes and stains offered by Moon Decorative are user-friendly, with some being ready-to-use. Therefore, the mixing process is extremely easy. The same is true for the application of decorative cement products. Through the company website’s Ideas and How To section, you will have no problem learning to mix and apply decorative cement.

As a contractor, you owe it to your clients to know as much possible about decorative cement and the products used with it. By getting high-quality products from Moon Decorative and asking the right questions, you will be able to provide your client an incredible finished project.