A DIY Guide to Using Industrial Sprayers for Stained Concrete Floors

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Industrial sprayers for Concrete Staining

If your home has concrete floors but needs an updated look and feel, one of the best ways to achieve a transformation is with concrete staining. Instead of guesswork or trying to use hard-to-follow instructions, Moon Decorative provides a wealth of valuable information. ألعاب تربح جوائز حقيقية We sell an array of water-based and acid-based staining products and offer tips and videos that will take you through every step of the staining process. oonoo

For more assistance, the “Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete” book and the two DVD product “Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete” are great. These products include information on using industrial sprayers to make the staining process easier while producing high-quality results.

Using Sprayers for Stained Concrete

Compared to rollers, industrial sprayers are easier and quicker to use while providing much more natural looking results. The following are few basic rules for achieving optimal results:

  • Because different factors will affect the final color, test the stain in an inconspicuous area of the concrete floor. This step is essential for more subdued acid-based stains from Moon Decorative, like Cola, but even more so for brightly colored water-based stains, such as Cha-Cha
  • Final seal coat on Stained Concrete

    When staining concrete, wait a minimum of 14 days after the concrete is installed. During the curing process, concrete retains moisture. 777casino By waiting, the finished color will be more exact. You can always purchase the Vapor Transmission Test kit from Moon Decorative that determines the moisture level of the concrete and its acceptability of stain

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions since preparation of the concrete, as well as application and even cleanup, will vary according to the staining method
  • When using industrial sprayers, unsightly start-and-stop lines can be avoided by maintaining a wet edge. This is accomplished by creating small sections of flooring with joints that are already in the concrete
  • Use conical tips with industrial sprayers to produce a cone pattern that eliminates distinct spray patterns and results in a better outcome
  • Keep the sprayer’s tip at least 12 inches above the concrete floor. If the tip is too close, you will end up with dark blotches and runs
  • Regardless of the method or product used, you want to avoid over-application. Otherwise, stain will build up in low spots, especially when using dark stains
  • Following application of the acid-based stain, the floor’s surface needs to be neutralized. This consists of thorough cleaning to remove stain residue that can have a negative effect on sealer bond