Acid Stain Concrete

Ideas on How-To design with Acid Stain



Scored, stenciled and sandblasted floor with grouted joints on a new floor. Malay Tan Stain in the center diamonds and engraved border. Cola Stain surrounding the diamonds and Black Stain on the stencil work and around the borders.

Brushed Stone Stamp 5′ x 5′, plain centers with Cola Stain borders on the Brushed Stone panels. Malay Tan Stain is on the first border with Black Stain surrounding the Malay.



Cola Stain and Green Lawn Stain on an old floor. The joints were cut first and the stain carefully applied afterwards. Several layers of paint had to be shotblasted before the staining process could begin.



Grouted “Chicken Feet” with Bluestone texture, colored with Malay Tan Stain and Black Stain in various dilutions.


Cheshire Cobble (FM-525) Black Acid Stain applied to Stone Gray Color Hardener with joints left unstained.


English Red Stain was used on the 12″ Yorkstone borders – the driveway remained plain gray concrete. Sealer was applied only to the border.


No color was added to the concrete – Cola Stain for the driveway with Black Stain for the borders. The shine comes from recent rain and acrylic sealer.