Benefits of Micro Topping – Big things come in small thicknesses!

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Micro-topping installation

If you’re looking for something that can re-coat and provide a thin aggressive bond to any floor or wall, including concrete, metal or wood, a two-part cement based material known as a micro topping is just what you need. The combination of a liquid polymer and two different available powder mixtures, once blended micro-toppings can be applied onto a surface using a steel trowel, magic trowel, splatter method or other creative means.  You can integrally color a micro topping or apply surface colors post application and curing.  A wonderful textured look can be given to the topping  material by applying a lighter colored finish coat over a darker base.  In order to transform boring concrete into an artistic finish with a wide variety of color combinations and design possibilities you can experiment and get creative with different application methods and color techniques. 

Benefits of a Micro Topping

In order to achieve different interior and exterior flooring and paving requirements, micro topping can be used. You can use micro topping to finish the existing surface of a newly constructed home or commercial establishment or to renovate old stained or damaged concrete. Whichever it is, micro toppings are a great option.

Light over dark micro-topping installation on a patio

The benefit of a Micro topping is that it bonds with almost all solid clean substrates.  Micro toppings owe their extraordinary adhesion properties to the polymer (glue like) additive that it is blended with. gaminator online kaszinó  Consideration must be given to a properly cleaned and prepared substrate as well. ingyen játszható nyerőgépes játékok Micro toppings accept some deflection from shifting substrates and give some flexibility as they are engineered with hybrid co-polymers.

Walls and floors can have the same continued appearance and design with micro topping as they are versatile and can be used vertically as well as horizontally.

Protection against salt corrosion and freeze is possible as micro topping are a protective concrete coating. melyik a legjobb online fogadóiroda It is a perfect product for concrete renovations as they have high compressive strength, abrasion resistant, and flexural properties.

The use of Micro toppings are often preferred over thicker stampable toppings when heights are needed to be maintained for door openings and transitions between rooms and floor areas, as well when a less expensive and more flexible system is desired over a large space or vast installation area.