Improving Business with Hands-on Concrete Training Classes

Vertical Concrete

Vertical Concrete

When it comes to using decorative concrete products, not only do you need to be able to choose the right product for the job at hand, but you also need to know how to use them. Not all decorative concrete products are created equal, so unless you are trained to use a variety of products, your business might suffer. Fortunately, you can improve your business opportunities fairly easily by taking hands-on concrete training classes from Moon Decorative. Concrete Classes Available Moon Decorative is one of the leaders in decorative concrete products. In addition to offering high-quality products, we offer a variety of hands-on training opportunities for contractors and DIY homeowners alike. All of the concrete classes available are designed to follow the field-tested methods chosen by the American Concrete Institute, so you can rest assured that the training you receive will be efficient and applicable. ivermectin for dog heartworm Each class is taught by knowledgeable contractors with real-world experience using decorative concrete products. Benefits of Taking Concrete Classes If you are a DIY homeowner, having a basic knowledge of concrete may not be enough for you to successfully complete all of the projects on your list. By taking concrete classes, you can expand your knowledge of decorative concrete products and learn how to apply stamps and stains. If you are a contractor, taking classes will expand your business opportunities because you will be equipped to perform a wider variety of jobs. Moon Decorative offers concrete classes for a wide variety of products and projects, so you can choose the classes that are most valuable to you. If you want to expand your business as a concrete contractor, concrete classes from Moon Decorative are an invaluable tool. bula ivermectina efeitos colaterais Every class is taught by an experienced professional and will leave you feeling confident in your newly learned skills.  Bring your crew and you will have a well oiled machine ready for the next install! ivermectin withdrawal time swine

Moon Decorative Hosts Training For Young Aspiring Concrete Artisans

Moon Decorative is thrilled to host vo-tech students from Moore-Norman and Metro Tech on Tuesday, October 4th for a full-day hands-on class where students will learn to prep, pour and stamp concrete!

Training leads to success

They will play an active role in:
  • Preparing a 9×9 foot area for concrete delivery by setting forms and reinforcement.
  • Using a slump tool to determine concrete wetness.
  • Screeding and leveling concrete once it comes out of the truck.
  • Broadcasting color hardener once the concrete has been finished. (Students will learn that the color hardener gives integrity to the concrete that wouldn’t be there with additional color.)
  • Stamping concrete using a release agent.
  • Spraying on Cure-n-Seal after the concrete hardens to complete the project. zaklady sportowe fortuna
This class is aimed at teaching students how to take a concrete project from beginning to end—preparation, concrete truck delivery, testing the moisture of the concrete, finishing the concrete and adding the decorative color and stamping element. kasyno online legalne na prawdziwe pieniądze It is our goal that students have a multidimensional experience with other students from vo-techs in the Oklahoma City area. The teachers providing instruction are experts in the field and intend to invest in the students to potentially inspire a love and passion for decorative concrete that develops further. hotspot automaty online We’re thankful for their vo-tech instructors, Mark Estell of Moore-Norman and Glenn Sanders of Metro Tech, as they also pursue this vision. Moon Decorative is looking forward to hosting this young group of aspiring leaders in concrete and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.