Consequences to Cutting Corners

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Contractors love to save money on the job while delivering a quality product and put a little extra in their pockets. We understand this because everyone likes to have a little extra padding in his or her account. But how is this achieved? What is the delicate balance one must accomplish? Is cutting corners the way to go?

Often, new contractors tend to think that by using a less-expensive material, money will be saved. But we have found the opposite is quite true.

When you find a less-expensive product such as a sealer or polymer, you must ask yourself several key questions.

  • What is the performance of this product?
  • How crucial is making sure this job does not fail?
  • Will it provide my customer a lasting product that they will be proud to recommend me to their friends and family?

Obviously no corners were cut to achieve this beautiful table. enCOUNTER Professional Countertop Mix and accessories were used


Moon Decorative always recommends that the contractor stay within the recommended systems (i.e., don’t go mixing products from different manufactures; risk of incapability issues is too great). Products within a system have undergone extensive testing and are designed for the specific application.

We regularly hear stories about contractors using inferior products to help their bottom line. And unfortunately, it costs the contractors in the long run. If you have to go back and fix problems or repair things, you might ask yourself, Did I do something to cause this? Did I use a product outside the recommended system? Keep in mind, being professional and courteous are helpful strategies to use in handling callbacks, but cheap products cost you time and money, often diminishing your professionalism in the eyes of your customer.

We are always happy to help answer questions about which products work best in different applications and look forward to any feedback you might have to offer. If we don’t have a product to fit your job, we will be the first to say and be happy to point you in the right direction.

A very wise man once said, “You can do a job three times. But you only get paid once.” Use the right quality materials and make it the best job the first time.