Creating an Exotic Look in Your Garage with Metallic Epoxy Coatings

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Metallic epoxy garage floor

Metallic epoxy coatings are among the hottest new trends today and are increasingly being used to create exotic-looking garage floors. Whether you operate a retail facility or you simply want a high-tech-looking floor for your garage at home, a metallic coating can help you to achieve your desires. These coatings create a deep-looking, glossy finish that can replicate a variety of designs.

Composed of 100 percent epoxy with metallic pigment additives, this type of coating is specifically designed to be manipulated in certain manners in order to create various visual effects. Once the coating is applied to the floor, various solvents can then be applied to the coating in order to move the metallic pigments in the manner desired. Certain types of products are designed to be used with tools, such as a leaf blower or an air nozzle, in order to create three-dimensional effects, such as rolling waves, moon craters, or ripples. It is even possible to create a two-tone effect by introducing a secondary color into the metallic epoxy coating when it is applied. When properly applied, metallic epoxy coatings can create high-performance flooring that will last for many years to come.

Properly Applying Metallic Epoxy Coatings

Proper application is essential to longevity. An epoxy primer must be installed first, while the second coat involves applying the metallic epoxy coating. This is followed by a clear coat. Finally, a coat of polyurethane may applied as a top coating. Beyond manipulating the pigments, metallic epoxy coatings are installed using the same techniques as other multi-coat flooring systems. It should be kept in mind that the metallic coat should be manipulated within about 20 minutes of being applied. This is typically done by blowing air onto the epoxy. While depressions will appear at first, since the epoxy is self-leveling, those depressions will settle within a few minutes, leaving the desired visual effect.

With some metallic epoxy coating products, metallic solvents are actually added to the base coat rather than being manipulated. These solvents are applied directly after applying the base coat and create a river or molten metal effect. You will typically begin seeing these effects within about 20 minutes of application.

Keep in mind that it is typically a good idea to determine how much is required to obtain the desired effect by using a sample kit first.