Creating the Look of Lava Flow Using a Metallic Epoxy Coating

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Metallic Epoxy – Lava Flow

If you want to achieve a unique appearance for your residential or commercial flooring, decorative concrete may be the way to go. For a one-of-a-kind finish, consider using metallic epoxy coating over your concrete to create the look of a lava flow.

What Are Metallic Epoxy Coatings?

Epoxy floor coatings are simply a type of coating applied to concrete surfaces that serve to seal and protect the surface while also enhancing its appearance. ivermectin dosage for goats meaning These coatings come in a wide variety of colors, including metallic options. Traditional epoxy coatings can be used to achieve a mottled look or a blend of multiple colors, but metallic coatings give your flooring a metallic shine and a unique look. With the right application, metallic epoxy coatings can make your floor look like a field of lava.

Tips for Using Lava Flow Metallic Epoxy Coatings

The first step in using metallic epoxy coatings is having a solid substrate or layer of concrete – metallic epoxy can be installed on a brand new slab of concrete or on an overlay; a thin layer of concrete that resurfaces the slab if it’s old or stained. Once the concrete surface is cured, you simply apply the lava flow metallic epoxy coating, spreading it with a roller, trowel, or squeegee according to installation instructions. how much ivermectin do i need to treat scabies on dog The key to achieving the look of lava is to spread the coating back and forth in a random motion, creating waves of color and pattern. ivermectina tabletas dosis adultos After spreading the coating, you can choose to spray the surface with denatured alcohol to disperse the metallic epoxy further. Then, all you have to do is let the coating cure and then apply a top coat, if required, for enhanced durability and slip resistance.

If you believe that a metallic epoxy coating is the right way to go for your home or business, make sure you purchase your supplies from a reputable dealer. Moon Decorative offers top-quality materials, including decorative concrete and metallic epoxy coatings, as well as training courses for contractors and DIY-ers to teach the proper installation process for these amazing materials.