Decorative Concrete Floor Overlay In A High End Spa

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When Avanti Spa was looking for a top notch floor system for their exclusive spa, they knew the functional aspect couldn’t overshadow the style and decor and decided to use a concrete floor overlay.  The style of the spa was to mimic the look and feel of a spanish town, complete with cobblestone paths and slate textured walkways.  The decision to use a stamped concrete overlay was a perfect decision and below is an overview of the finished project along with many of the important steps of how it was done.

In order for the spa to have a functional and themed floor system while maintaining a water resistance surface the concrete was resurfaced with a stampable overlay and then sealed with a high grade Solvent based acrylic sealer.

Click the images below to learn of the steps involved on how this Spa concrete floor overlay was done.

Here is a list of products and tools to achieve a similar stamped concrete floor overlay.

Decorative Concrete Products:

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