Decorative Concrete Stamp Rental Program

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Beautiful portico that is enhanced by a stamped concrete.

Beautiful portico that is enhanced by a stamped concrete

We know that not every contractor will want to purchase stamps for that one time job. If your client has requested a stamp that you don’t have, you may be able to satisfy your client by renting from Moon Decorative. You need to know we have 45 sets of decorative concrete stamps — yes, 45 sets of all different types and varieties for countertop, patios and otherwise that are available to you for your renting pleasure. So, if you are a contractor, whom lives near us, and can physically pick up and return stamps, this page is for you. We are so sorry, but this rental program is not something we ship out.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Moon Decorative’s rental program:

Why is stamp rental a great option for both the contractor and the homeowner?

  • The stamps cost less to rent than to buy — significantly less and the rental price can be included in the price of the quoted job.
  • There are 45 different sets available to the contractor, thru Moon Decorative’s rental program.
  • The contractor can be assured that he can rent stamps that are clean and in good shape for the job at hand.

What are the most commonly used stamps?

Ashlar is a popular design, and now customers are adding Appian Cobblestone and Woodplank often. Of course, the seamless textures are a huge favorite because they’re easiest to use, and there are no grout lines to touch up or repair.

Yes, we have stamps to rent!

Who is the decorative concrete stamp rental program available to?

It is available to any established contractor. We’ll need a copy of your liability insurance, and possibly a deposit.

How many days can stamps be rented?

They are rented by the day; however, different arrangements are possible if you need them for more than 3 days.

Is there any other important information about concrete stamps that would be important for the contractor?

Moon Decorative has so many different types of stamps available at such a reasonable cost which then allows the contractor to offer a reduced rate to their customers. We urge you to come in and become familiar with our large rental offering, pick up a catalog with picture of the stamp patterns to show your clients.


We do HIGHLY recommend you reserve your sets ahead of time. This can easily be done by calling us at 888-848-0059

Do you want to learn more about stamping and how to do it? Check out our Training classes and learn how. We can teach you!