DIY Acid Stain Kits Now Ready

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Prices to be a best seller, these DIY Acid Stain Kits literally include EVERYTHING you will need.

For $199.00 you get the following: ½ gallon of your color choice of Sedona Acid Stain Concentrate, 2 paper respirators, 2 chip brushes, 1 package disposable gloves, 1 eyeglass protection safety eyewear, 1 quart SS Surf Prep, 1 package booties, 2 gallon pump-up sprayer, small acid stain scrub brush, 1 gallon SS Supreme 2500 High Gloss sealer, 2 each 9” x 3/8” nap roller, wooden stir stick, 8 ounces SS Neutralizer, complete directions, and a support number for additional questions.

Everything you need in ONE kit!

Everything you need in ONE kit!

With this kit you will get enough product to cover 200 square feet. Remember, Sedona Acid Stain is a concentrate. This means, you can get a variation of the same color in the one bottle, depending upon how much you choose to dilute the product. Plus we have 10 colors to choose from and you can pick your color here:  Sedona Acid Stain Color Chart

Want to read more about how to do this job? Each kit comes with two sets of directions. The Acid Stain directions is a complete step by step tutorial on exactly how to Acid Stain. العاب سباق الخيل   We highly recommend you read these before you start. كازينو عربي  Click here for DIY Acid Stain Instructions. The second set of direction will walk you though using the SS Supreme 2500 Sealer. Click here for DIY Acid Stain Kit Sealer Instructions.

Another helpful hint before you start your job, watch these videos. And please know, we are always a phone call away to help! 888-848-0059.

Ready to tackle your acid stain job? ربح المال من لعب الالعاب This kit is for you. Order now.