DIY Epoxy Coating Application

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Oklahoma DIY Garage Floor Epoxy System

There are many types of DIY jobs when it comes to sprucing up your home. One type of flooring project that is popular in Oklahoma as a do it yourself is applying an epoxy coating on your garage floor. While it is always ideal to hire a professional to do the job; if you have the right guidance and tools to do it, this type of project can be something a handy DIY’er can tackle and be proud of.
Doing a DIY epoxy floor on your garage concrete surface can certainly enhance protection for the surface while adding an appeal to it as well. Here are some simple guidelines on how to apply an epoxy coating on your garage floor surface.

Prepare the Floor

Start by ensuring you have a clear area where all items have been removed from the area. Protect the surrounding wall edges and door thresholds with masking tape and prep paper. Depending on the epoxy coating system being installed, and the current state of your garage floor surface, the proper surface preparation method could vary. All surface prep instructions will be included and provided by the manufacturer of the epoxy coating product. Follow these instructions carefully. These methods can range anywhere from a light washing/degreasing, muriatic acid wash, or even a mechanical abrasion technique like sanding or shot blasting to remove old surface coatings etc. The surface must be free of any unwanted “bond breaking” material, and should be clean and dry. This would be a good time to do a moisture test as well to ensure there is no trapped moisture in the concrete slab. A definite bond breaker! The technical representatives at Moon Decorative  are always available to answer questions you may have and advise you on the proper moisture testing and preparation techniques. ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok regisztráció nélkül

Apply Primer

After preparing your floor, the next step is to apply a primer, which is the bond coat you need for proper adhesion. Follow the instructions provided for the proper application technique. tippmix hu Common application techniques include using tools such as sprayers, rollers, or squeegees.   Once applied, the primer will need to dry before applying the topcoat. tippmix kalkulátor sportfogadás

Rolling on an Epoxy Primer Coat

Apply Top Coat and Slip Resistance

Once the primer coat has dried (check label for ideal dry times), a topcoat can be applied using the same techniques as the primer. Epoxy coatings come in may colors, so check with Moon Decorative to view all of the color options, as well as different sheen levels from shiny to matte finish. If slip resistance is of concern, there are also different types of additives that can be added to the topcoat to help provide grip or slip resistance to the surface.

When you are ready for your garage floor coating DIY project, turn to Moon Decorative online at for your entire epoxy floor coating needs in Oklahoma.