Employee of the Month: Christine Spretnjak

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She kinda stays under the radar, but she’s an intricate part of our team. Meet this months Employee of the Month, Christine Spretnjak, Director of Community Outreach. Over the past 3 years, Christine’s roles have been morphing. She started out part time helping with some marketing and odds and ends. Since then, she has worked our way into our hearts and is no longer just working odds and ends.


Christine enjoys creating new things with many others including our current beloved contractors and potential contractors and distributors. She has been reaching out to them over the past 6 months exploring, discovering and striving to fulfill their needs. As a result of her research – listening and asking – Moon Decorative is now expanding its offerings to include rebar so that we can fulfill our ideal to become Oklahoma’s Premier Decorative Concrete Supply Center! We would like to extend a convenience to all of our contractors so that they can receive all of their excellent products, services in one place at a competitive price.


This last fall, she coordinated and arranged an outreach class with OKC Vo-Tech schools bringing students here to learn about the field of decorative concrete. In the past she has set up AIA Lunch and Learns for CEU credits. She is also responsible for attending several industry organizations in the OKC area such as the Oklahoma Home Builders Association, Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors keeping the pulse on the activities that involve decorative concrete. Currently she is taking the reins on getting us involved at several local trade shows, which is pretty detailed and takes a lot of man-hours in planning, as well as execution.


In her spare time, Christine enjoys sleeping and well, dreaming. Can you believe that she’s been studying nighttime dreams for over a decade? If you have a dream that you’d like to share, she’s always game to give feedback!


Often people butcher the pronunciation of Christine’s last name…. Spretnjak (think Spret-n-jack). And just so you know, its Croatian. Christine’s family heritage might be Croatian, but her immediate family is in Chicago, however, she feels at home here in OKC. We are happy that she is part of Moon Decorative’s family. Congrats to Christine, Employee of the month!