Employee of the Month, Marisol Blanco

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One of our most important employees is Marisol Blanco, and she is our Employee of the Month. No one deserves this more than Marisol. She is our only bilingual employee and an invaluable team member. Marisol is incredibly skilled at offering and translating technical assistance for our diverse customer base.

Going Strong

Eight years ago, Marisol interviewed on a Thursday, was hired on Friday, and started on Monday. We did not want to miss out on this valuable asset to our company! Specifically trained as a technical assistant, she excels at helping customers as soon as they walk in the front door. Marisol’s loyalty and dedication to the job are impeccable; she has rarely missed a day of work! She will step in anywhere she is needed and is often seen helping load customers’ cars with products.


Marisol is a fierce soccer player but doesn’t get to play as much as she used to. Her children—ages 18, 14, 10, and 2—are (as you can imagine) her #1 priority. كازينو عبر الانترنت Marisol’s love and pride for her immediate family are evident anytime they come up in conversation, but she also very close with her extended family and travels several times a year to visit them in Mexico. كيفية اللعب في bet365


Some of our biggest laughs in the office are getting Marisol to try new foods, often saying, “Just take a tiny bit,” or “Here, try this; it’s good,” as we extend a fork in her direction. She tends to be a good sport about this, but it takes a lot of coaxing at times. She has, however, learned to eat Italian food and carrot cake. Marisol is an amazing cook; salsa and pozole are her specialties, and she gets us back all the time with the heat of her salsa. “It’s not that hot,” she says, so really, she gets the last laugh. العاب سباق الخيل

If Marisol won the lottery (and we hope she does), she would use it to pay off debt, help her family, and save more money for her kids. That’s Marisol, March’s Employee of the Month. We are both lucky and blessed that she is a team member here at Moon Decorative.