Ensuring Professional Results with Quality Cement Countertop Products

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Cement countertops can be a beautiful addition to a home or business. These particular types of countertops tend to be more specialized and personal than other countertop materials yet are known to be very durable, beautiful and functional.  Keep in mind, however, that cement countertops do need to be manufactured and installed correctly in order to be effective. There are several important factors to consider if  professional results are your goal.

Hire a Professional

The easiest and most obvious way to ensure professional results from your countertop installation is to hire a professional fabricator to do the job. They will have all the proper tools at their disposal as well as years of experience and training that let them complete the installation efficiently and correctly. Professionals will also be able to help you select the best quality cement countertop products and let you know which ideas work and which ones don’t, preventing you from wasting your time and perhaps the cost of materials.

Use the Proper Products

Whether you plan to hire an expert or manufacturer the cement countertops yourself, you want to be sure to opt for high-quality products. While cement countertops can last indefinitely, to make them last longer than those made from other materials, quality cement countertop products are worth the extra money upfront. Concrete countertop materials including the cement mix, as well as the protective countertop coating will be of a better quality, allowing them to last longer than cheaper products. Quality products also tend to not only perform better, but make for easier application and have easier-to-follow instructions, making it simpler for you to do the job yourself.

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Pour Slabs Using the Same Batch

To get professional results from your countertop installation, you want to do more than just follow all of the instructions for mixing correctly. You do need to add the ingredients into your mixer in the proper order, but you also want to plan your batches. Aim to use the same batch of concrete mix to fill in any slabs that are right next to each other. If any element of the mixture varies from batch to batch (such as cement color, moisture, or aggregate gradation), it will be noticeable. Don’t worry if your slabs are too big to use the same batch on several. Fill each slab partially with one batch (to the same point) and then pour the other batch on top. This will let you finish with a uniform appearance. Simply remember to stop casting lines, stir the edges of the different batches a bit to help blend them.

For the best results when pouring the countertops yourself, ask some friends to help you so you don’t feel pressed for time and can mix and pour simultaneously.