How to Dress Up a Patio or Pool deck

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Pool decks and patios can receive a fresh look, and a second life with SS Specialties products. لعبة فلوس SS Spray Base and SS Stamp Mix can change a dull faded surface to a Forest Floor, Ocean floor or maybe a London Street; the possibilities are limited only by ones’ imagination. With SS Specialties coloring and staining products SS Dye-namic Acetone Dye, Sedona Acid Stain and SS Rainbow offers the ability to match or complement any design with unlimited selection of color shades and hues.

Photo courtesy of Advanced Concrete Designs, OKC. OK

SS Spray/Base and Stamp Mix is a proprietary blend of Portland cement and graded aggregates used to produce decorative treatments to any properly prepared substrate, like the pool deck or patio. All loose concrete will need to be removed from the old slab/surface and any old or deteriorated sealer needs to be removed. موقع بيت 365 لكرة القدم If there are cracks, those should be filled with SS Crackfill and in some cases stitched with cold steel plates, or by using concrete staples.  When the slab/surface has been cleaned, cracks repaired, and all debris removed, you will have a properly prepared surface.

Nasty cracks that need to be repaired before resurfacing the deck

Close up of steel plates

SS Crackfill applied

Final deck once the crack has been repaired. Clean and ready slate for SS Spray/Base

Whenever possible, we at Moon Decorative believe in renovation, reuse, and repurposing of existing concrete which saves time, money and the planet.  With SS Specialties products, and the support of  Moon Decorative technical staff, you have the confidence to complete a successful renovation. بيت٣٦٥

Photo courtesy of Advanced Concrete Designs, OKC. OK