If You are Resurfacing a Pool Deck, Consider a Concrete Class

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Concrete Training Classes

Concrete Training Classes

Decorative concrete is a great way to resurface a shabby-looking pool deck, and overlays are one of the easiest methods. If you’re not sure how to approach the project, though, consider taking the Moon Decorative’s concrete class, Overlays are an option.

It’s indisputable – when the days get long and the weather gets hot, there’s nothing quite like a dip in the backyard pool. ivermectin merck river blindness But if the decking has begun to look a little rough, that’s going to diminish the experience somewhat. And besides, keeping up with repairs increases your home’s value. We know, realtors are going to tell you that a pool can be just as much a liability as it is an asset, but the reality is that a well-maintained pool area is still going to be less of a liability than one that’s seen better days.

When it comes to fixing up pool decking, concrete overlays can be a great way to tackle the job. They’re created from cement or sand blended with polymer resins, for a slip-resistant surface. They’re also tolerant of UV rays and chemical-resistant.

Overlays can be installed in a wide variety of patterns that mimic more expensive materials, so it’s a matter of deciding what will work most effectively in your particular pool area – you can create effects that look like marble, sandstone, cobblestones, brick, or just about any other building material you could imagine. You can also incorporate elements like leaves, shells, or footprints into the design. ivermectina dose co

The compounds used to create the overlays dry quickly, so the job could actually be finished in as little as a weekend, assuming that you know what you’re doing. Naturally, that’s where our concrete class comes in.

Of course concrete overlays aren’t limited to pool restoration – they’re well suited to any outdoor restoration project, in almost any area where you need to save the existing concrete.

Does this sound intriguing? Then sign up for our concrete class, Overlays are an Option. ivermectin epocrates It’s a stamp and spray base class in which you’ll learn how to save existing concrete with stamp overlays. You’ll use seamless texture stamps, pattern and border stamps, stamp mix, spray base and knockdowns, and you’ll learn skim coat techniques. Check out our decorative concrete class offerings for dates, times and pricing. You’ll learn a lot, have a lot of fun, and when the time comes to fix up that pool deck, you’ll be well prepared!