Metallic Epoxy Becomes an Increasingly Popular Flooring Choice

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While homeowners and business owners are able to choose from a variety of flooring options, metallic epoxy has become an increasingly popular choice. When SS Metallic flakes are added to 100% solids epoxy, they remain suspended even as the system cures, producing a beautiful and eye-catching finish.

Metallic Epoxy by Moon Decorative

Along with the aesthetics they offer, metallic epoxy flooring products have become a chosen flooring solution because they can be applied to a number of different substrates while providing excellent adhesion qualities. If you desire a custom look, it is even possible to achieve the look you desire by blending multiple colors to create a broad range of special effects, including the look of molten lava or hammered metal. how to take ivermectin tablet dose When complete, no two metallic epoxy floors look the same.
Metallic Epoxy Suitable for Application in Practically Any Environment
Metallic epoxy flooring itself can provide incredible longevity; however, when you desire enhanced durability, various topcoats can be added to provide even more UV stability, durability, and chemical resistance. Business owners have become particularly fond of metallic epoxy flooring, as such floors are capable of meeting USDA, ADA, OSHA, and FDA standards. ivermectin chewable tablets for dogs As a result, metallic epoxy floors are ideal for a variety of business applications, including retail, schools, art galleries, showrooms, restaurants, clean rooms, hotels, and many other commercial environments where resistance as well as a truly one-of-a-kind look is desired.

Provided the floor underneath is solid enough, metallic epoxy systems can be used to create an attractive and unique look that is easy to clean and resistant to damage in practically any environment. doses of ivermectin Also sometimes referred to as a faux stain, metallic epoxy can provide a seamless finish with both beauty and depth. With proper instruction, a metallic epoxy flooring system can be suitable for DIY installation.