Our Most Popular Decorative Concrete Countertop Products for DIY Projects

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Polishing a concrete countertop

Often, people interested in decorative concrete countertops, floors, walkways, driveways, patios, and other surfaces hire a professional contractor to do the work. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this decision, thanks to companies like Moon Decorative, you can actually create your own unique surface by using the right decorative concrete products and taking full advantage of the information and training offered.

Creating Gorgeous Concrete Countertops on your own!

Moon Decorative has an incredible DIY countertop system known as enCOUNTER. In addition to being versatile, this system works great for precast and cast-in-place countertops because it will not crack and its early strength is unrivaled. This decorative concrete product can be made in sections up to 60 feet long without unsightly joints, seams, or cracks.

Countertop Resurfacing with EZ top

Using enCOUNTER products, a variety of gorgeous colors and stains can be added, giving your countertops individual personality and character. Moon Decorative also sells top-of-the-line sealers that prevent water staining and resist mold, mildew, and fungus while reducing the risk of deterioration.

  • enCOUNTER Mix Gray – Compared to other materials used to make countertops, this product outperforms. Some of the key benefits include endless color options; a structured material that can withstand long, unsupported spans; and it takes virtually any shape, can be polished sooner, and has a low water demand that minimizes cracking and curling.
  • EZTop White Kit – This is another excellent product offered by Moon Decorative for a decorative cement countertop DIY project. This kit is a unique blend of Portland cement, Liquid SS Concentrated Polymer, and high-quality graded aggregates that create a concrete surface on existing and properly prepared substrates, including laminate.
  • EZ Coating Kit – For optimal protection of your cured EZ Top surface, this coating kit is ideal. The kit is available in both matte and gloss finishes. It is used to make your new countertop more stain, chemical, and abrasion resistant while enhancing esthetics.


Benefits of Training Materials

Along with superior products for DIY decorative concrete surfaces, Moon Decorative has a wide range of training books and DVDs. By using the company’s products in conjunction with easy-to-follow training materials, your decorative concrete surface will look as if it was installed by a trained professional. Examples of the books and DVDs offered include:

  • Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete (book)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Overlay and Toppings (book)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Stamped Concrete (book)
  • Casting Concrete Countertops-Bannister (book)
  • Stenciled Concrete-Cast In-Place and Deck Coat (DVD)
  • Bob Harris Guide to Stained Concrete 2 (DVD)
  • enCOUNTER (video/DVD)
  • Fossilcrete Vertical System (DVD)