Prevention products that can protect against concrete cracking and spalling

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Concrete sealer and waterproofer

For homes and businesses, one of the most widely used materials is concrete, especially for flooring. Concrete is an excellent material for both exterior and interior flooring needs. In addition, concrete is cost-efficient, strong, durable, and can be beautifully stamped or polished with a wide range of colors and patterns. We just don’t like to see concrete cracking or spalling.

However, concrete is also subject to different types of deterioration, including corrosion of embedded metals, the freeze and thaw process, chemicals, and overload and impact, among other things. how many ml of ivermectin for 5 lb. dog Two common challenges of concrete flooring are cracks and spalling. To prevent damage, it is imperative to choose the right concrete floor supplier, one with superior products and unrivaled expertise.

Preventing Cracks and Spalling

Although random cracks and spalls occur, the risk is less by using the right mix design, placement, and finishing. The Stamp Store offers superior products and provides contractors with information, data, and even training on all products sold.

Moon Decorative has a new line of repellents designed specifically to prevent cracks and spalling in porous flooring materials.

  •  Repel Block WB 75 – This 7.5 percent active water-based siloxane-silane product works as a water repellent and impregnating agent. By penetrating and chemically bonding deep with concrete flooring, it protects against deterioration and staining.
  • Repel Guard SB 20 – This solvent-silane repellent has a 20 percent active solvent base and repels and impregnates porous masonry surfaces. recommended dosage for ivermectin for human parasites While SS Repel Guard SB 20 does not produce a film or compromise the natural breathing characteristics of treated substrates, it does offer outstanding protection against concrete cracking, spalling, and other common issues.
  • Repel Guard SB 40 – The only difference between this repellant and SB 20 is the level of active solvent base. In addition to protecting your concrete floor from cracks and spalls, this product is highly resistant to fungus, mold, mildew, freeze/thaw cycles, and deicing salt. tractor suppky ivermectin