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Red Handle Jumbo Utility BrushThis versatile utility brush features
long-wearing white tampico fibers that can be used on mason, brick, tile,
stone, and more. Tampico fibers are acid, alkali, and heat resistant for
use with a variety of materials. The porous fibers hold water for cleaning
or application purposes. These fibers are great for applying materials to
rough surfaces like roofing, asphalt, concrete, and masonry surfaces. The
4″ bristles allow for sweeping motions of the brush, but stiff enough to
hold their shape. The 6″ long handle on this brush allows for a comfortable
grip when applying materials or cleaning up tools and workspace while still
keeping a distance between your hands and the material. The hang hole on
the end is easy to hang up for drying and storage.

  • Can be used on masonry brick, tile and stone
  • 4 In. Tampico fibers
  • Heat, alkali, and acid resistant bristles
  • Porous fibers hold water making for cleaning or applying materials

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