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CP-1007 is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-acid, penetrating silicate sealer that strengthens and internally waterproofs cementious materials. CP-1007 is waterbased and environmentally friendly.

Unlike membrane forming sealers which can be worn away in high traffic areas , leaving unprotected concrete unsightly and susceptible to chemical attack, CP-1007 penetrates into the surface and cannot be scratched or peeled off.

When applied to concrete or masonry, CP-1007 reacts with calcium hydroxide and reduces porosity and permeability of the concrete matrix. This serves to increase the hardness and chemical resistance which, in turn, increases the service life of the surface.

In conditions where salt air and humidity attack the concrete, causing oxidation of the reinforcing steel, CP- 1007 has proved to halt such corrosion activity. When the CP-1007 is applied to concrete exposed to such conditions, exfoliation or expulsion of the chlorides takes place. The CP-1007 reacts with free alkali in the concrete forming a silica hydrogel that fills the capillaries within the matrix. This hydrogel waterproofs and seals the surface after all materials harmful to the concrete are removed. This process could take up to thirty days or longer, depending on the chloride and acidic residual concentration within the capillaries.

For instructions on how to use this product or MSDS, please go to the Technical Information section of our website.

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