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SS Cherry Wax is a cherry scented water based acrylic floor wax. It is perfect for small areas as well as large commercial areas as it can be applied by mop or high speed burnishing. SS Cherry Wax yields rapid gloss build along with long-term wear characteristics. It's resistance to wet and dry traffic wear can yield a smooth polished look for months without maintenance. SS Cherry Wax should be used on any sealed surface where a rapid high gloss sheen build and superior maintenance properties are desired.


* Non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive. Not hazardous!
* Great smelling cherry scent is very pleasing to the nose.
* This formula contains only environmentally safe materials.
* High solids that provides quality high sheen and resistance to abrasion and scuffing.

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Weight 10 lbs

Technical Information

SURFACE PREPARATION: Be sure the area of the concrete to be removed is free of trash and debris. Protect all other areas. Mask off all adjacent surfaces with painter’s tape or plastic duct tape. If spray buffing, use a plastic or coated cardboard as a spray shield. APPLICATION: Do not apply by pouring directly onto surface. Use a plastic roller pan. Apply by synthetic fiber wax applicator, lambs wool applicator, or clean sponge mop. Apply at a rate of 1000+ square feet per gallon in very thin coats only. Apply in one direction to a consistent, even, and uniform finish. If puddling or pinholes appear, work them out into a thin coat. Allow to dry 1–2 hours. Repeat process as many times as necessary to achieve required matte sheen build. If spray buffing, dilute wax 1:2 with water. Apply using a fine to medium mist sprayer over a small area at a time. Buff that area until the liquid has disappeared and a superior shine is left. Periodic maintenance coats may be necessary as traffic will eventually dull the surface. Simply mop the area clean using a light detergent solution. Allow to dry and then apply a coat of SS Cherry Wax Matte to rejuvenate the superior matte sheen. When periodic maintenance of SS Cherry Wax Matte is used, it will help protect the coating/sealer. Regular dry mopping will also extend the life of the floor system by removing abrasive materials that otherwise act as aggressive sandpaper.

Use warm soap and water. Dispose of containers in accordance with local and federal regulations.
Product may be re-coated up to 100 times. When product removal is necessary, use a light ammonia and water solution to strip the waxed area back to the sealed surface.

SS Cherry Wax Matte has a shelf life of one-two year in it’s original, sealed, unopened container.


• SS Cherry Wax Matte will freeze. It is recommended to store in an area between 50°F and 85°F.

• Do not puddle or apply in thick coats. SS Cherry Wax Matte should be applied in several very thin coats.

• SS Cherry Wax Matte is harmful if swallowed. Abide by recommended safety guidelines.

• Coverage rates depend upon many conditions including application method, surface porosity, applicator, etc.

• SS Cherry Wax Matte was designed for interior use only. It is not recommended for exterior use.

• SS Cherry Wax Matte should only be diluted for spray buffing only. Do not dilute for normal use unless necessary.

• SS Cherry Wax Matte should only be used as a sacrificial coating and not used as a sealing compound.

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