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PACKAGING: BRICKFORM Antique Release is packaged in convenient 31-pound, moisture-resistant, plastic pails.

COVERAGE: The rate of application for BRICKFORM Antique Release will vary depending upon the depth of the texturing-mat impressions, the degree to which the concrete has been set, and the intensity of the contrast desired. Generally, 3.5 pounds or more per 100 square feet is required.

For instructions on how to use this product or MSDS, please go to the Technical Information section of our website.

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Weight 33 lbs

Technical Information

BRICKFORM Antique Release is broadcast onto the concrete surface, prior to the placement of mat-type texturing tools or rollers. The release prevents the concrete from adhering to the texturing mats A portion of the release becomes imbedded into the concrete, usually where there is relief in the texturing tool, leaving behind an antiqued appearance. BRICKFORM Antique Release can be used in matching or contrasting colors to create a variety of effects. A combination of colors can add interesting shadings and highlights to the finished concrete surface.

• BRICKFORM strongly recommends representative jobsite samples. Individuals who will be performing the work should use the specified materials, as well as the finishing and curing techniques that will be used on the project. Before applying BRICKFORM Antique Release, protect all surrounding areas to reduce the possibility of staining during application and removal. BRICKFORM Antique Release may be applied to the surface of the freshly placed concrete as soon as all standing water has disappeared from the concrete surface. Typically, concrete has, at least, a fresno finish. However, if BRICKFORM Color Hardener has been applied, the finishing will be more extensive. APPLICATION
• Apply in temperatures between 55º and 80ºF (12.8ºC and 26.7ºC). BRICKFORM Antique Release should be broadcast by hand or with the use of a 6” mason’s brush until a thin, uniform layer covers the concrete surface to be textured. BRICKFORM Antique Release should not be broadcast for more than a few feet or from above the knee. Avoid windy conditions. Over-application will decrease detail of the texture. Do NOT trowel the material into the concrete. Application of texturing mats may begin as soon as the release agent has been applied. BRICKFORM Antique Release should be removed from the concrete surface when removal can be safely accomplished, without any damage to the curing, concrete surface. Excess release agent may be swept from the slab. Residual BRICKFORM Antique Release may be removed to the degree desired by pressure-washing after 48-72 hours. Care must be taken not to damage the curing, colored-concrete surface. The amount of BRICKFORM Antique Release adhering to the concrete surface will depend upon how hard the concrete surface was at the time of application and texturing. A softer surface will retain more release agent than a harder concrete surface. If too much Antique Release remains on the surface after rensing, use Brickform Neutra Clean™ following the Neutra Clean Technical Information Sheet. Antique Release can also be removed using Brickform E-Etch, an environmentally friendly industrial strength floor cleaner, degreaser and light etching product (review E-Etch Technical Information Sheet prior to use). SEALING
• After the concrete has been allowed to cure for 28 days, protect the surface with BRICKFORM Gem-Seal, Poly-Astic, PolySeal, Safety-Seal, or Satin-Seal. Please get a copy of the appropriate Technical Information and Material Safety Data Sheet before attempting to use these products. Once sealed, protect the surface from foot traffic for 24 hours and vehicular traffic for 5 days.

• The sealed surface should be inspected periodically for areas of thin or traffic-worn sealer. Brickform recommends the application of Premium Acrylic Floor Finish as a sacrificial coating on interior surfaces. Reapply as needed, according to the appropriate Technical Information Sheet. If traces of efflorescence are present, this should first be eliminated with a gentle cleaner such as BRICKFORM E-Etch, according to the BRICKFORM E-Etch Technical Information Sheet.

BRICKFORM Antique Release should not be used as the primary coloring agent. It should be applied over freshly placed, still plastic, color-hardened or integrally colored concrete surfaces.