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Polyurethane 100 is a two component, high solids aliphatic polyurethane. This product offers a remarkable combination of performance properties not found in other polymer coatings. Polyurethane 100 produces protective films which are hard, flexible and very impact resistant. These coatings feature high abrasion and scratch resistance, exterior durability, easy soil release and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. For exterior applications, a U.V. stabilizer package is incorporated to insure long term chalk resistance and gloss retention. A special accelerator is available when rapid project turnaround is required.

Polyurethane 100 has been designed as a high performance top coat in various protective coating and seamless flooring applications. It provides maximum cleanability and stain resistance when used as a finish coat in color chip flooring or epoxy-quartz flooring. This coating is ideally suited for clean-room floors, automotive repair facilities, aircraft hangars and other high wear areas requiring resistance to fuels and chemicals. When used as a finish coat in wall coating systems, anti-graffiti properties are greatly enhanced.

For instructions on how to use this product or MSDS, please go to the Technical Information section of our website.

This is a Hazardous Material so it can not be shipped to a residence and is non-returnable.

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Weight 15 lbs

Precautions and Limitations

Moisture Vapor Emissions Precautions
All interior concrete floors not poured over an effective moisture vapor retarder are subject to
possible moisture vapor transmission that may lead to blistering and failure of the coating system.
It is the coating applicator’s responsibility to conduct calcium chloride and relative humidity probe
testing to determine if excessive levels of vapor emissions are present before applying any
coatings. APF can supply moisture remediation products. Consult our technical service
department. Arizona Polymer Flooring and its sales agents will not be responsible for coating
failures due to undetected moisture vapor emissions.
Handling Precautions
Material is flammable. Extinguish all flames, pilot lights and electric motors until all vapors are
gone and the coating is hard. The vapor is harmful. Use only with adequate ventilation or
appropriate cartridge type respirator. Avoid contact with skin, wear protective gloves. Read
Material Safety Data Sheet before using.
Slip and Fall Precautions
OSHA and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) have now set enforceable standards for slipresistance
on pedestrian surfaces. The current coefficient of friction required by ADA is .6 on
level surfaces and .8 on ramps. Arizona Polymer Flooring recommends the use of angular slipresistant
aggregate in all coatings or flooring systems that may be exposed to wet, oily or greasy
conditions. It is the contractor and end users’ responsibility to provide a flooring system that
meets current safety standards. Arizona Polymer Flooring or its sales agents will not be
responsible for injury incurred in a slip and fall accident.