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SS DYE-namic is the first dye product capable of exterior use and interior use. The product is composed of finely ground color particles in solution. SS DYE-namic is designed to penetrate open concrete surfaces. Thirty SS DYEnamic colors may be used alone, combined or applied over another color to create monochromatic, multi shaded, multicolored, variegated and unique designs that will not chip, crack or peel and installs in one third the time as reactive acid stains or water based stains.

Special order colors available for interior polishing. Call for details!

Add the SS Dye-namic solution to a quart, gallon or five gallons of acetone and stir thoroughly for three to five minutes. Do not use any form of electrical equipment to mix the dye with the acetone. Follow the acetone manufacturer's safety instructions.

Mix the SS Dye-namic product in the appropriate sized closable acetone container when possible. Blend the mixture by stirring the open container, or by shaking the closed container for 30 seconds. If a mottled effect is desired, add the recommended amount of SS Dye Penetration and Mottling Agent at any time prior to application, per instructions. SS Dye Penetration and Mottling Agent is not recommended for porous concrete surfaces without priming first. Do not use any form of electrical equipment to mix the dye with the acetone.

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