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SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy is a new-generation, low-VOC, pigmented epoxy coating, which exhibits exceptional properties previously unavailable with
waterborne products. SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy meets the performance standards, including chemical, abrasion and impact resistance of traditional
heavy-duty industrial epoxy floor coatings.

SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy will perform in areas where heavy-duty industrial floor coatings could not previously be used. Extremely low odor, SS
Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy can usually be installed during work hours. It can be installed over damp concrete or over porous concrete. SS Water Based
40 Pigmented Epoxy virtually eliminates pinholes caused by concrete gassing. It is highly resistant to hydrostatic delamination. SS Water Based 40
Pigmented Epoxy has lustrous finish but is more slip resistant than high-gloss finishes.


*Heavy-duty epoxy but waterborne & no latex

*May be used below grade

*Virtually odorless

*Exceptional bond to concrete


*Excellent chemical, abrasion & impact resistance

*Brightens work areas

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Weight 13 lbs

Technical Information

SURFACE PREPARATION: The performance of any floor coating is highly reliant upon proper preparation of the substrate. Substrate must be free of all contamination such as laitance, curing compounds, dirt, oil and grease. Preferred surface texture is similar to 100–grit sandpaper. Caution: Make certain all personnel have read and fully understood all safety precautions on product labels and Safety Data Sheet (SDS). PRIMING: SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy is normally roller applied with a 3/8” nap shed resistant roller at a rate of 200 square feet per mixed gallon per coat. Two coats are recommended for uniform pigmented finish. SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy can be top coated with SS Specialties urethane coatings. Under standard conditions (75°F, 55% RH), SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy has a pot life of 2 hours with a recoat time of 7 hours. (Contact SS Specialties at 866-906-2006 for assistance regarding previously coated substrates, thickness, preparation, and application methods). Distributed by SS Specialties | 121 NE 40th Street |Oklahoma City, OK 73105 USA | Phone 866-906-2006 | Fax 405-525-3367 www.ssspecialtiesconcrete.com Page 2, WE40Pigmented_TechData 12/28/16 MIXING: SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy is shipped in pre-measured kits. Mix Part A and Part B thoroughly before blending together. Pour Part A into Part B and thoroughly mix. Mix with a Jiffy Mixer and a low-speed drill (max. 650 rpm) for a minimum of 2 minutes. (If less than full kits are to be used, you may mix 1 part A to 3 parts B by volume.) PRIMER APPLICATION: Pour mixture into a painters tray and slowly apply with a 3/8” nap roller (squeegee application is not recommended) to an even and smooth consistency at 6–8 mils WFT (200–250 sq. ft. per gallon). A standard 1 gallon mix should cover approximately 250–200 sq. ft., but this will vary, depending upon the texture of the concrete. CURE TIME: Average tack free time is 6 to 8 hours. Allow to become tack free before beginning finish coat, approximately 6–8 hours at 75°F. FINISH COAT APPLICATION: When SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy primer/base coat is no longer tacky, approximately 6–8 hours at 75°F, repeat application steps as in Primer Application. Coverage of finish coat will also be approximately 250–200 sq. ft. per gallon mix. OPTIONAL FOR SLIP RESISTANCE: Add to final coat only. After mixing Part A and Part B, add 4 ounces of SS Get-A-Grip per mixed gallon of SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy and mix thoroughly. Pour into paint tray and roll out. SS Get-A-Grip will settle in the pail if not applied immediately. Remix to suspend SS Get-A-Grip before pouring more material into the paint tray. CAUTION: If primer/base coat has cured over 48 hours before additional coats can be applied, the base coat should be lightly sanded with a medium grit sanding pad and then vacuumed or swept to remove all dust and debris. Do not apply at temperatures below 65°F or above 95°F and above 80% relative humidity or when temperatures will fall below 50°F in a 12-hour period after application. KEEP FROM FREEZING. Material temperature prior to use should be above 68°F for ease of application.

Uncured SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy can be cleaned from tools using hot, soapy water. After material starts to set, use mineral spirits or xylene for cleanup.

Dried, cured epoxy may be removed by chemical means or sanding, shot blasting, etc.

Maximum 2 hours in an open container at 75°F. Always re-mix if material has been unused for more than 30 minutes.

• Do not install on wet (standing water) floors. Surface should be dry to the touch.
• Do not install in areas receiving direct sunlight or where floor will be affected by drafts during curing process.
• Avoid use where ambient operating temperatures exceed 170°F, or application temperatures are below 65°F or above 90°F and above 80% relative humidity.
• Material temperature should be above 68°F for best workability.
• SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy is not designed to be used as a moisture mitigation system or topcoated with 100% solid epoxy. It should only be topcoated if desired with SS Specialties urethane coatings.
• SS Water Based 40 Pigmented Epoxy is compliant with national, state and local air quality standards; but as standards change, be sure to consult your state’s specific requirements before use.
• The statements made within this technical data sheet, SDS, product labels, etc are guidelines only. The end user should always perform tests and product evaluations prior to application to ensure suitability for particular uses.