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TOPAid is an environmentally safe, bio-degradable stripper specifically formulated for the removal of low-maintenance, high durable floor finishes. Its special blend of finish removing technology and super infused surfactants give it fast acting, superior wetting tension that significantly reduces the time and labor previously required for lifting low-maintenance finishes. TOPAid is also recommended for tough conventional wax removal when conventional wax strippers fail to do the job. Removes multiple coats in a single application. TOPAid will remove all synthetic polymer finishes. With a pH of 8.3, TOPAid beats the competition; does not require neutralization before applying a new low-maintenance finish or conventional wax. Can be used with or without a floor machine. TOPAid was developed for use on resilient floors, but is also suitable for removing finishes from any floor that will not be harmed by water wetting.

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