Resolving Slippery Issues Near Pools with Concrete Stamping

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Swimming pools can provide hours of backyard entertainment for the entire family, but they can also present safety hazards due to the slippery nature of pool decks. ازاي تكسب فلوس من النت It is possible to benefit from a beautiful decorative pool deck while simultaneously eliminating slip and fall hazards. Many products and techniques can be used to make decorative concrete less slippery when wet. Two of the most common methods for creating a slip-resistant surface near a pool are to apply some type of gritty product to the surface of the concrete and to texture the concrete. There are also several ways to apply additives to the surface of the concrete. سباق الخيول One method involves mixing a gritty material into the concrete sealer prior to it being applied like Anti Slip Get-A-Grip by SS Specialties. Other methods involve using a textured overlay or applying a type of gritty additive to the concrete surface. كم عدد ورق الكوتشينة When broadcasting special

Anti Slip Additive

anti slip additives such as a polymer or shark grip, onto the surface of the concrete, it is important to do this while the sealer is still tacky, however.

Decorative stamped concrete can also be an excellent solution for resolving slippery issues near in-ground swimming pools. The texture of the concrete itself can prove to be a tremendous benefit in terms of creating a nonslip surface. By using stamped concrete mats during placement featuring a specially textured pattern or design into poured concrete, it is possible to create a slip-resistant swimming pool deck that is both attractive and safe. This can prove to be particularly important in both environments where young children will be present as well as commercial pool areas, such as hotels and spas.

Whether you have an existing pool deck or you are considering building a new pool, it is important to ensure it is both safe and fun. Stamped concrete can be an effective way to do that. Moon Decorative offers BrickformProline, and Artcrete concrete texture tools, allowing you to choose from dozens of designs to create a concrete surface that is both safe and aesthetically pleasing.