Saltwater Pools Require Specific Saltwater Pool Deck Sealer For Longevity

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While saltwater pools are gaining in popularity because of their gentleness on our eyes and skin, they are really hard on concrete! And the concrete around the pool, water features, and pool

Saltwater pool deck sealer<

Saltwater pool deck sealer

ladders are taking a beating. Not all sealers can be used around pools, and they certainly are not created equally, you may want to look into Saltwater pool deck sealer.

SS Specialties does however have a sealer, Deco Guard and Deco Guard Plus that is a Siloxane Modified Methyl Methacrylate and is our recommend sealer for saltwater pools or conditions where there is lots of salt used due to the weather. It is not an end all solution of never having to reseal. Sealer are always considered a sacrificial coatings that last 1-3 years and is designed to be reapplied.

Maintenance is key

You put water in the pool, and water splashes out. It’s the nature of how it works around a pool. Once the water splashes out and lands on the pool deck, the water evaporates and the mineral content in the water ends up on the deck surface as a white haze. When the water evaporates, those minerals are going to be left on the surface; there is no way to avoid this. Deposits are created.

Not everyone thinks that it’s the salt deposits doing the damage. If you don’t have a good adhesion bond between the sealer and concrete, water will eventually get underneath that sealer and will cause the sealer to delaminate. And the bottom line, when water sits on sealers long enough, it will get through. However, one way to help prevent deposits is to simply hose off the deck after each use. Another hint is to put tennis balls on the bottom of your furniture as to prevent scratching your sealer.


What makes Deco Guard the choice Saltwater pool deck sealer?

SS Deco Guard and Deco Guard Plus are both considered a “cure & seal” and can be applied on green concrete once all surface water has dissipated. This typically slows the concrete curing process and allows the concrete to become stronger and more durable. Cure & seal’s also enhance color, and Deco Guard Plus has a high sheen that will pop color even more. Deco Guard is a sealer that is more water resistant than your typical acrylic sealer. The improved adhesion properties of Deco Guard makes it ideal for salty areas, or any pool. Don’t trust your pool deck’s surface to anything but Deco Guard or Deco Guard Plus.