Should You Use A Concrete Countertop Product Kit or a ‘from Scratch’ Mix?

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Concrete Countertop done with enCOUNTER

A concrete countertop makes for a practical solution, because it can be strong, tough, long lasting, and unique. If you are looking to install a cement countertop, there are two products to consider.

Engineered Concrete Countertop Product Kit?

A cement countertop product kit is a DIY bundled package for those who want an all-in-one system. It appears to be a simple project, but don’t be misled. This can be a difficult project if you are working with the wrong products even for a professional contractor, so it will demand a lot of patience. Fortunately, at Moon Decorative, we provide detailed instructions and online demos on using concrete countertop products.

A kit is assumed to have everything, but this does not always happen. The best option when buying a kit is to get it from a reputable vendor that can customize it for you. At Moon decorative, we have online experts who can assist you assemble all the products you will need to execute your plan, including tips and skills training. We also have the versatile enCOUNTER concrete countertop product professionals use to create designer-looking countertops.

Concrete Countertop ‘from Scratch’ Mix?

Taking a standard bag of concrete off the shelf at your local hardware store and forming it into a countertop for functional use could render the counter useless.  Standard concrete does not meet the specifications required to provide tensile strength and compressive strength as you would expect in a thin piece of concrete acting as a countertop.  Off the shelf concrete is designed usually for 4 inch thick sidewalks and the like not for 1.5 – 2 inch countertops with cantilevered edges.  Going in on your own will require you to learn about the admixtures, water/cement ratios and the like.  It can get very confusing.  We highly recommend a pre-mixed countertop product like enCOUNTER.

In our opinion and those who have spent a lost weekend attempting to create a beautiful concrete countertop with a standard bag of cement believe the value of the right product and proven system is tough to beat.