The Stamp Store to Moon Decorative

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The Stamp Store’s next evolution:

Moon Decorative Concrete

Over the past 23 years, the Stamp Store has established itself as an Oklahoma City mainstay—a place known for excellent customer service and knowledge in the decorative concrete industry. The founder of the Stamp Store, Doug Bannister, developed the company’s pioneering technologies and iconic status in the business of concrete. CEO Jeff Schulhoff comments, “We were impressed with that, but I think we were equally impressed with the team that surrounded him.” The professional staff of the Stamp Store certainly functions as a cohesive unit, while continually learning and teaching as new techniques and tools in the industry evolve.

The Stamp Store’s commitment to expert education and customer service has proven to be a unique offering to the community and was the vision on which the Stamp Store was founded in 1995. The SS Specialties product line was also created to improve upon the industry standards. Contractors and customers came (and still come) from all over the Unites States to learn decorative concrete techniques and application for their own business and homes.

In May 2016, Moon Chemical Products acquired the Stamp Store. As the company continued on its journey of growth, the Stamp Store took its next step in further grounding itself in the decorative concrete industry—embracing a more recognizable name. In January 2018, the Stamp Store became Moon Decorative Concrete.

Staying true to the company’s initial focus, Moon Decorative Concrete is committed to maintaining our current trusted product line while researching and developing new products and continuing to educate our staff and customers. Our team’s desire is to invest and better support our contractors and customers because we realize our clients are our best spokesmen to showcase the artistry, beauty, and durability of decorative concrete. Our monthly hands-on training classes continue with participants creating concrete countertops, learning to acid stain, and gaining experience with multiple sealers and coatings to maintain and protect their concrete. Moving forward, Moon Decorative Concrete is planning to create training videos to familiarize our customers across the globe with the newest, in-vogue concrete techniques, as well as developing a user-friendly website that makes purchasing the right products simple. As always, our staff is devoted to remaining a technical resource to contractors and customers for on-site assistance.

We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you!