Stamped Decorative Concrete Overlays

Page top image size: 1000 x 500 px

Stamped decorative concrete overlay on stairs


Adding a rock, stone or brick texture to your existing concrete is possible with Stamped Decorative Concrete Overlays.  These thin topping systems can be found on patios, driveways, pool decks and restaurant patios across the world.  The beauty of a stamped overlay is that it can be installed on your old damaged and cracked concrete to give it new life, without the need to jack hammer it up and re-pour an entire new slab.

From herringbone brick to flagstone and slate textures you can really make an impact on your home or businesses’ decor with stamped concrete overlays. Color options will also make your new overlay pop and really stand out.

Choose from almost an unlimited array of patterns, textures and color options to create your own personal style and look. Call us at Moon Decorative and we will be happy to help. Or better yet, come into our store and see over 30,000 square feet of ideas. Here you will find lots of examples of Stamped Decorative Concrete Overlays.