Step-by-Step: How to Renew Your Concrete with Concrete Stain

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Do you have a concrete area around your home that could use a little upgrade? Do not assume that your only option is to tear up your patio and build a new one – there may be an easier solution. Concrete stains from Moon Decorative are a simple solution for renewing the appearance of your concrete area without having to start from scratch.

Concrete Entryway DIY Stain

Steps to Apply Concrete Stain

If you have never worked with decorative concrete products before, the task of staining concrete may be more work than you are equipped to handle. In this case, you should consider hiring a concrete contractor recommended by Moon Decorative. If you are an experienced DIY homeowner, however – especially if you have experience with decorative concrete – then you might be able to complete the job yourself. Below you will find a list of basic steps to follow in applying concrete stain:

  1. Before you begin preparing the concrete for staining, you need to choose the type of concrete stain. Moon Decorative has a wide variety of options, including water-based stains, acid stains, and concrete dye stains.
  2. Consider a water-based stain if you are applying a new color to a surface that has already been stained. Choose an acid stain if you want to achieve a more mottled color and if the slab is bare and never been stained or sealed. If you want to blend two or more colors, choose a concrete dye stain.  The knowledgeable staff at Moon Decorative can help recommend what products are best suited for your project.
  3. Protect the lower portion of your house and any landscaping adjacent to the area you will be staining with plastic film.
  4. Prepare the concrete surface by cleaning it with a either a cleaning product, or cleaning process recommended by the Moon Decorative staff.  How you prepare the surface will depend on the system you are using. Ensure the surface is completely clean as per the instructions supplied.
  5. Apply the stain by following all product application instructions. There are many ways to apply the stain for best results, make sure you know these techniques before starting.
  6. Depending on the outcome desired, you may wish to apply a second color, to create swirls of color for a mottled or marbleized look or to touch up any areas where the first coat didn’t cover.
  7. Allow the stain to dry for the recommended time period supplied by the product manufacturer.
  8. Once completely dry, you can then apply a protective sealer following product recommendations.

By following these steps, you can renew your existing concrete slab with new color, and enjoy the benefits of your hard work!