Take a Concrete Class and Learn How To Install Vertical Concrete

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Vertical Concrete

You know about the advantages of stamped concrete when it comes to working horizontally, but there’s another exciting way of working with stamped concrete – why not think about using vertical concrete? Moon Decorative even offers an exciting new vertical concrete class called Yes, Concrete Can Go Vertical!

You can add drama to vertical surfaces by using vertical concrete stamped overlays. Essentially, you use a cement wall overlay material in order to build up a vertical surface and extend it outward. This material can be applied over wood, masonry, drywall, or even existing painted drywall – pretty much anything that’s vertical – and it will go on a bit more than three inches before it begins to sag. Once applied, it can be stamped or hand-sculpted, so the possibilities are practically endless. reptile dewormer. ivermectin You’ll learn more about this when you take the concrete class.

You probably know about the flexibility you get with manufactured stone. You get even more versatility with vertical stamped concrete, because you can create the stone patterns in any shape and size you like. You can combine sculpting and carving with stamping to create a really unique effect, so if you’re a creative craftsperson, you can get stunning results.

As with all vertical concrete mixes, vertical overlays are fire, water and weather resistant, and can be stamped and tinted to mimic far more expensive building materials. It can be used outside for just about anything, or indoors to refinish fireplaces, backsplashes, walls and more. For renovations or for brand new projects, the effects that can be created using vertical stamped concrete are exciting. ivermectina faz mal

So, should we get to work? The concrete class, Yes, Concrete Can Go Vertical! lasts for a day and a half. Over that time, you’ll learn the uses of SS Vertical Mix, one of the many concrete products available from Moon Decorative. You’ll be building boulders that will be used in water features, and you’ll learn how to prep the SS Vertical mix, reinforce, apply the mix, stamp it, carve, and color.

This is a great opportunity not just to learn a new technique, but to meet and socialize with other decorative concrete aficionados. We guarantee a good time, and on the full day of class, we’ll even provide you with lunch. Check out the course offerings for dates, times and pricing. how to use ivermectin powder We look forward to seeing you in concrete class!