The Latest Trends in Specialty Concrete Products

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Decorative Concrete

For discerning clients who want something unique for an indoor or outdoor project, the specialty concrete products offered by Moon Decorative are perfect.

Decorative Concrete Trends

For all types of surfaces, decorative concrete is one of the hottest trends. This is especially true for flooring. Decorative concrete offers one-of-a-kind aesthetics for both residential or commercial projects. Here are some of the hottest trends in specialty products for decorative concrete:

  • Acid Stain – An original decorative concrete solution, acid staining involves the application of a colored liquid to a concrete surface. The stain will react with the minerals in the concrete to create a unique look. If your clients want natural earth tones that look like natural stone or marble, this product is ideal.
  • Stamps – Another consideration is stamped concrete. With stamps, you achieve the desired pattern or texture with imprinting or embossing. Moon Decorative offers a wide selection of rubber stamps, including stamp mats, textured skins, and rollers.
  • Overlay and Resurfacing – You might suggest concrete overlays and resurfacing, which consist of an extremely thin film placed over damaged or old concrete surface to give the floor a brand-new appearance.
  • Dyes – Beautiful concrete dyes are among the specialty concrete products offered by Moon Decorative. This is a popular solution since there is no wash down or neutralization. However, to ensure the color locks in, a coating system or sealer is necessary.
  • Epoxies and Coatings – Designed for ultimate protection, wear resistance, and durability, epoxies and coatings are perfect for industrial environments and garage floors.
  • Concrete Cut Patterns and Scorelines – Whether done dry or wet, cut patterns in concrete can provide a great design and look to break up large areas or give a tiled floor appearance.