Tips and Techniques for Working with Metallic Epoxy

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If you have ever spent time on a DIY website, or a design based television program, you have probably come across decorative concrete.  The popularity of decorative concrete continues to grow as people are bringing custom and unique designs into their homes and businesses.  There are always new products and innovations making their way into the industry, and new technologies offer home and business owners a spark of creativity in design.  The newest of technologies in the decorative concrete industry is really making a statement and we are seeing it more and more in the design community.   If you are going for a unique and upscale look for your flooring, consider finishing your concrete flooring with a metallic epoxy coating.

Metallic Epoxy Floor at Moon Decorative Concrete

Metallic Epoxy Floor at Moon Decorative

What Is Metallic Epoxy?

Metallic epoxy is one of many options available for finishing a concrete floor. This type of coating utilizes a clear polyaspartic or epoxy base that is applied over the concrete slab. A metallic powder is then applied and manipulated into the desired pattern. Metallic epoxy coatings give the concrete a glossy shine and can give your flooring a unique three-dimensional appearance. With metallic epoxy, you can achieve the illusion of ripples, craters, and waves. ivermectina gotas para que sirve The best part about metallic epoxy coatings is that no two are alike – your floor will be unique.

Tips for Using Metallic Epoxy

Before applying a metallic epoxy coating, the concrete flooring must be fully cured and properly cleaned. When the surface is ready, the clear epoxy or polyaspartic base is applied over the entire surface. Next, the metallic powder is added onto the surface – it can be poured out in lines from a small bucket or a watering can could be used for greater control. A squeegee trowel is used to manipulate the metallic powder into the desired pattern. If multiple colors are chosen, the colors can be poured out in opposite directions – being careful not to pour one on top of the other. ivermectin and diuretics

When it comes to manipulating any metallic epoxy, there are many techniques to choose from. One option is to simply apply the first color in a solid coating then dip the squeegee into the second color and apply it in brush strokes. The one-stroke backroll technique is a great way to blend multiple colors and will give a floor an acid stain look. ivermectin syrup price south africa Another option is to wait for the epoxy coating to get tacky, then apply some kind of solvent, like xylene or denatured alcohol, to create illusions, like a ripple effect. You can even use a blowtorch or a leaf blower to manipulate the metallic epoxy. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Plain concrete floors can be boring and bland. Fortunately, the new innovations in decorative concrete design are still being created, and there are many options for coatings to add color, texture, and intrigue. For a concrete floor that will command attention and set your home or business apart from all the rest, consider finishing your floor with a metallic epoxy coating.