Tips for Working with Metallic Floor Coatings

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Metallic Epoxy by Moon Decorative 

Metallic floor coatings create stunning concrete surfaces. If you want to transform an existing floor without spending a fortune, you can by using a top-quality product from Moon Decorative. The combination of modern technology and creative design leads to an incredible result.

Although metallic floor coatings have been around for a while, modern coatings are more refined. With the use of metallic pigments and flakes, your floor can look different from various angles and depending on how light hits the surface. 22bet fogadóiroda To achieve a glimmering effect, you should be aware of a few helpful tips.

Helpful Tips

  • Preparation – Before you apply any metallic floor coatings, you need to prepare the concrete surface. Make sure you properly fill all cracks and chips, smooth out any rough spots, and thoroughly clean and dry the entire area.  Preparation is the mot important step.
  • Primer Coat – With the floor prepared, apply a solvent or water-based epoxy primer to seal the floor and create a strong bond on which the metallic coating will adhere. For both residential and commercial projects, Moon Decorative offers one of the best epoxy primers available. The primer protects, seals, refreshes, and enhances concrete floors. mai tippmix eredmények
  • Metallic Floor Coatings – The next step involves the application of the metallic coating. Keep in mind that while there are many products on the market, those offered by Moon Decorative are by far the best. ingyenes nyerőgépes játékok letöltése Be sure to use slow, smooth strokes so the entire floor is covered.
  • Coloring Effects – Give careful consideration when choosing metallic powdered pigment. Because the floor is a large space, a little can go a long way.
  • Protective Topcoat – It is essential that you apply a protective coat over the finished surface to resist abrasions and help with maximum protection.