Using a Concrete Sealer Sprayer

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For many people, the most important benefit of decorative concrete is its versatility – concrete can be customized to look like premium building materials or to match any existing décor scheme. It is also important to remember, however, that concrete is also a great option for the DIY homeowner because thanks to help from Moon Decorative, certain systems can be fairly simple to install.

Using a Sprayer to Seal Decorative Concrete

Chapin Concrete Sealer Sprayer The Stamp Store

Chapin Concrete Sealer Sprayer, Moon Decorative

Whether you are going with stamped concrete or colored concrete, in most cases a thin layer of concrete is all that is needed to start. Once the new surface has been poured and cured, you can then treat the concrete according to your preferences with stamps, stains, dyes, or aggregates. Once your concrete surface has dried and cured, there is one more step that you shouldn’t neglect – sealing. العاب اون لاين Adding a layer of sealer over your decorative concrete surface will help to lock in color and protect the material against wear-and-tear. All you need to apply a layer of sealer is a concrete sealer sprayer. عمر واين روني

Concrete sealer sprayers come in several different forms. One option is a low-pressure high-volume (LPHV) sprayer. This sprayer allows for controlled application rates and is the easiest to use. Low-pressure or pump-up sprayers can be used for solvent-based sealers as long as the solids content is under 35%. In most cases, using a concrete sealer sprayer is fairly straightforward – you simply pump the handle to increase pressure within the device and then hold down the trigger to spray. العاب مباشره It is as easy as that.

At Moon Decorative, we offer a variety of sprayers from such brands as Toolcrete and Chapin, as well as sealers and any other materials you may need for your project. Call today for a review of our services or to request a free quote.