Walkway And Entryway Resurface And Repair

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This church’s entrance gets a new facelift in Oklahoma.  It is quite common to see a dated and old concrete slab or walkway.  You might not even notice the condition of the concrete if it a standard grey unfinished slab.  The weather and moisture plays a big role in the wear and tear of concrete.

This Church decided it was time to clean up it’s property and decided to start with the concrete.

A before shot of the boring walkway at United Life Church in OKC. Hard to see but parts of the sidewalk have big cracks

Preparing surface to repair cracks before application of spray base. Getting all the loose gravel and debris out of the crack

Cutting old concrete to accept steel plates used in stitching to repair large moving cracks. Notice steel plates on the concrete. These will be slipped into the saw cuts and sealed with SS Specialties Crack Fill

First step to SS Specialties Crack Fill, sand

Applying the actual SS Specialties Crack Fill

Grinding area where SS Crack Fill has been installed

Mixing the diluted SS Polymer mixture into the bucket of Spray Base using a paddle mixer

Preparing to fill Hopper Gun with the prepared Spray Base and Polymer Mix

Testing the hopper gun to see how its gonna spray. Note the high tech shields on the applicators shoes…..this saves his shoes from getting a fresh coat of Spray Base while spraying! The concrete has already been prepared with a coat of diluted SS Polymer thus allowing it to accept and adhere to the surface

Texturing the Spray Base application called “Spray Base Knock down finish.” Notice the applicator is wearing spiked shoes allowing the ability to walk on wet Spray Base

More texturing the Spray Base for the knock down. Notice how the building was protected by paper when using the hopper gun


Rolling on SS Supreme 2500 with SunBuff Color Pac mixed into the acrylic sealer

Completed job with no cracks and a fresh and pleasing surface

No more cracks!