What You Need to Know about Using Metallic Epoxy

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Metallic floor coatings provide an exotic look to residences and retail facilities. With this product, it is possible to create completely distinctive flooring because no two metallic floors are ever the same. Utilizing a polyaspartic or clear epoxy base, metallic epoxy floors are colored using a metallic powder, such as SS Metallic. Such coatings produce a deep-looking, glossy floor with a variety of visual effects and colors. Some metallic epoxy floors even boast a three-dimensional appearance that can give the illusion of ripples, craters, or swirls.

Moon Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor

Choosing an Application Method for Metallic Epoxy

When applying metallic epoxy, several application methods can be used. The most effective application method is to pour lines from a watering pot or a bucket. This method allows you to maintain more control while ensuring that none of the coating goes to waste. Once the coating is applied to the floor, you can then use a squeegee trowel in order to spread it out onto the floor.

To achieve the best results when working with metallic epoxy coatings, it is generally better to use at least two colors, which creates the most depth. A common way to achieve these results is to pour each individual color in opposite directions. Usually the rule of thumb is that you should not pour one color directly on top of another color.

If you would like to achieve a more exotic look for your flooring, one option could be to roll out one color and then apply the other color using a stir stick or apply it with a brush. You may then use a squeegee trowel or roller to move the colors around onto the floor.

After the products have reached the tacky stage, you can then apply a variety of solvents to achieve the look and effect you desire.

Many of these effects and application techniques can be learned and explained in more detail at Moon Decorative’s hands on metallic epoxy training sessions, as well as speaking with one of the well trained staff who can guide you through proper application for your individual project.