Working with a Concrete Sealer Sprayer

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Backpack Type Pump Sprayer

Backpack Type Pump Sprayer

Finishing your surface with a layer of concrete sealer is a must if you want your new surface to look great and to last a lifetime. Applying clear sealer is not necessarily a difficult task, but you do need a special concrete sealer sprayer, and there are some tips you should follow. legjobb kaszinó online When you are ready to buy a concrete sealer sprayer, be sure to make Moon Decorative  your first stop.

Tips for Using a Concrete Sealer Sprayer

After you’ve finished applying your new flooring or your preferred decorative concrete product, you may think that you are done. It is important to remember, however, that you still have one more step – sealing the surface to protect it against foot traffic and, for outdoor surfaces, the elements and various environmental pollutants. When you are ready to apply your sealer, follow these tips for using a concrete sealer sprayer:

  • Choose the right type of sprayer for the job. A hand pump sprayer is ideal for water-based sealers and for small surface areas. A low-pressure high-volume sprayer, such as the Chapin Acid Staining Sprayer, can be used with any sealer type, and it creates professional-looking finishes. Rollers can also be used to apply sealer, but a sprayer will do a better job.
  • Select the right type of sealer for the job – your main options are water-based sealer and solvent-based sealer. Some sealers are designed primarily for indoor use while others are good for outdoor applications. Different sealers also offer different finishes (like high-gloss versus matte), and some can be customized with aggregates to add texture.
  • When working with water-based sealers, apply the sealer in multiple thin coats – follow the directions on the sealer to determine how much time you need to give the sealer to dry between coats. gaminator bónusz kódok 2021
  • If you choose to use a solvent-based sealer, you should apply it using a sprayer and then follow up the spray with a back roll – this helps to ensure more consistent coverage. One simple way to do this is to dilute the first coat and apply it with a roller, then apply the second coat in the opposite direction.

You can spend hours, even days, installing beautiful decorative concrete overlay or new flooring. But it could all be for naught if you fail to protect the surface with the right sealer. When you are ready to apply the final touches to your surface, make sure to invest in a quality concrete sealer sprayer so you can get the job done right. élő tippmix