How To Put The Shine On Your Concrete Floors

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Is your concrete floor looking dull and dingy? Needing a little shiny pick-me-up?

SS Cherry Wax may be exactly what you need.

SS Cherry Wax acts as a sacrificial coating to protect the longevity of your sealer. Plus it gives a great shine, thus looking like you just got a brand new floor!

Great example of how SS Cherry Wax is used in a commercial setting

How to apply?
Talk about easy….start with a clean floor. ie, no dirt, or grime. In other words, sweep your floor (maybe even mop it with water), start with a clean palate. Remember the ole’ Mop & Glo? Good, because all you do is pour out about a plate sized portion on the floor, get your mop and start spreading. Easy! It dries in about 30 to 45 minutes or less and leaves a beautiful shine. One key you need to keep in mind is to use the right kind of mop….needs to be a lambs wool applicator or a synthetic mop head. Don’t use cotton, it will just absorb all the Cherry Wax and be wasteful.

For larger commercial jobs, Cherry Wax can be applied with a high speed burnisher.

How long will it last?
High traffic areas, (kids, dogs, and dirt) will need more frequent applications than those areas that only grandma scoots around in her slippers. When do you know its time to reapply? When you would like to make it look new again….it’s time!

Keeping floors shiny is easy with SS Cherry Wax



Environmentally friendly
SS Cherry Wax is non-flammable, non-combustible, non-corrosive and completely non-hazardous! It’s great smelling cherry scent is very pleasing to the nose. It contains only environmentally safe materials, and provides quality high sheen and resistance to abrasion and scuffing. Don’t like the shine? Don’t worry just get the matte finish.

Need some?
You can pick up a gallon bottle off the shelf at Moon Decorative. Or you can order on line. We’d encourage you to come in to see our store, meet our knowledgeable staff and look around. With over 30,000 square feet of ideas and enough decorative concrete delight, you will be inspired to think beyond gray boring concrete.