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ADVANTAGES: Self-priming, excellent penetration and bond strength, excellent abrasion, impact, wear resistance, UV-resistant, with optical clarity. Low-temperature cure (-30 F/-34 C) (Note: Reference is related to surface temperature, not ambient temperature.) Recoat time is 1 hour in normal temperature and humidity levels. Meets FDA/CFSAN, U.S. Food Code, Physical Facilities criteria as outlined in 6.101.11 Surface Characteristics. Not tested for 21 CFR food contact. Excellent stain resistance. Does not support bacterial growth. Random/incidental heat contact: tolerant to 300 F. Three to four times the abrasion resistance rating of epoxy.

PRODUCT USES: Residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial work surfaces where chemical and abrasion resistance and fast return to use factors are critical. UV stability allows outside use for applications as varied as outdoor kitchens and BBQ areas, conference tables, kitchen countertops, and commercial food prep tables.

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